Age Of Conan Feats - How Age Of Conan Online Feats Work

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What Are Feats?

In AOC, feats are another specialty that is gained as you level through the game. These are similar to the talents that are offered in World of Warcraft and some other MMORPG games out there that you may already be familiar with. They work in the same basic ways, but offer different perks to the player. Just like talents in WoW, feats in Age of Conan offer a special tree of skills that can be learned as you level up. You can add new skills to the ones that you have already learned, or you can make those feats that you have already chosen even stronger. The main difference is that there is only one tree – not three like in WoW, to choose from.

Class Feat Builds

In AOC, there are plenty of different classes to choose from, each with their own feat builds that you can choose from. So, since you already know the basics of how feats work in AOC, let’s go through some of the different ways that feats help you in the game for your specific class.

  • Conqueror: The main feat that the Conqueror class has is called “Overcome the Odds”. This is extremely helpful when you are in a large group of mobs or players and you need a bit of extra help. This feat will increase the defense rating of your Conqueror while you’re being attacked my multiple mobs at the same time.

  • Barbarians: The Barbarian has a special skill that some players think is not helpful at all, when it can actually help you in certain situations. The “No Escape” feat offers you the ability to throw your weapon at an enemy and do some massive damage to them. While this may seem like something you would never do, if you are in a losing battle with another mob, then you can easily use this feat to flee to safety and save yourself the run back to your body.

  • Dark Templar: This class offers a feat called “Ravenous Eater” that will pump up your health leeching spells, causing some major damage to your opponent. This is a great way to up the damage that you do and heal yourself at the same time.

  • Bear Shamans: The main feat that this class gets is called “Nature’s Revenge”. This helps any friendly player near you as well, as it will place a counter on the screen that will increase each time that the Bear Shaman takes a hit. When the counter reaches ten, all of the friendly players in a specific range around the Shammy get a great heal.

  • Demonologists: This class gains a feat called “Impish Horde” that will help you when you summon. It will automatically kill the current minion that you have and help you summon four to eight imps that will go insane and kill anything in their path. This is by far one of the coolest feats that you’ll find in AOC, even if it’s being used against you.

Now, there are tons of other feats that you can learn in Age of Conan for your class, as I only went over a few for some of the more popular classes in the game. You can also find many great feat calculators online, that will help you see which feat builds might be the best for your class and playing style. By using feat calculators, you’ll be able to see which way you want to go with your feats so that you don’t waste time, and money, in game learning the hard way which feats don’t help you much.