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Helpful Guide to Serpent of Isis

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you looking for help with the Serpent of Isis game? This enjoyable mystery object and puzzle solving title has many challenges. In this walkthrough, learn strategy tips to help you successfully complete all sections of the game.

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    The Serpent of Isis game The Serpent of Isis relic has been stolen from a museum and must be recovered. You play a descendant of the original archeologist who originally recovered the item. It is your task to discover the clues that will lead you to the thieves who stole it, as well as recover the relic and return it to the museum. It is a combination game that involves object finding and puzzle solving tasks.

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    Serpent of Isis Walkthrough - Game Play

    Serpent of Isis screenshot In the game, you will travel to different locations around the world. Each chapter will have a few hidden object finding sections. The items you need to find will be displayed on a list. You will have thirty minutes to obtain all items before the time runs out.

    In some sections, puzzles and hidden locations are included with object finding tasks. Certain objects you find can also work together to help you find other clues and locate other items. If you fail to complete all the tasks in time, the chapter will need to be completed in order to move forward in the game.

    Like most other object finding games, you do not earn any points or keep track of a score of any kind. Success in the game is based only on finding clues, solving puzzles and the completion of chapter sections.

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    How to Complete Object Finding Sections

    Since time is always a factor in this game, you have to worry about lingering in one spot for too long. To complete object finding game sections, follow these Serpent of Isis walkthrough tips for success:

    • Look through each object finding room for a few minutes. Locate as many items as you can. If it seems like you are not finding anything within a reasonable amount of time, switch over to another section in the chapter.
    • Be aware that certain items may not be visible to you due to being in hidden locations within the room. Sometimes you will need to unlock safes, chests, suitcases and other objects before you can find it.
    • Increase your time by locating bonus items. These are the favorite objects of the thieves that have stolen the Serpent of Isis. Look for cigars, fortune cookies, poker chips, paint brushes and telescopes. In your game menu, you can also find this information in your inventory menu. This is accessed by clicking on the image of the suitcase. The “list of suspects" contains the items mentioned with an image for easier referencing.
    • Other items that can help you out include the magnifying glass and wrench icons. When you click on the magnifying glass icon it will reveal the location of one of the objects in your current section. Clicking on the wrench will give you a helpful clue for an object finding task you need to complete. Keep in mind that both of these items are limited. At the beginning of each chapter you get four of them. Note: The number of hints can sometimes be increased by finding bonus items.
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    The Serpent of Isis Game - Solving Puzzles

    There are a variety of puzzles that require different strategies to complete. Follow these tips to help you out:

    Serpent of isis screenshot Combination Puzzles

    This type of puzzle involves opening a safe or other container that has a combination lock. There are two dials that display different numbers when turned. To solve it, you will first need the clue that lists the four numbers that will unlock it. The numbers in the clue are a combination of two numbers, one from each dial. Find each number by adding two numbers together that will equal the one listed on the clue. This will require looking at all the available numbers on both dials. Once you find the right combination, click the unlock button. This will display a green light that lets you know it was correct. Continue this process with the rest of the numbers on the clue list in this manner to find the rest of the number combinations and finish solving the puzzle.

    Jigsaw Puzzles

    You will usually encounter this type of puzzle in the Serpent of Isis after obtaining many pieces of torn paper from object finding game sections. Your goal is to put together the pieces so they will display an image. First select the pieces that have a straight edge on them to form the outline. You will know they fit properly when the game will not allow you to move them anymore. After the edge is complete, place the remaining puzzle pieces by matching their shape and image outline.

    The Serpent of Isis game screenshot Matching Puzzles

    In a matching puzzle, a few similar images will be displayed. Each of the images can be manipulated by clicking on it. Your goal is to duplicate the images by creating another one that will be displayed in the center of the screen. As you click on each of the images, a piece of it will appear as part of the center image. Once you successfully duplicated one of the images, the puzzle will highlight it to let you know you have completed that portion of it. Continue this process until you have duplicated all displayed images.

    After all images have been duplicated, you will also need to create a unique image that is not currently displayed. Look at the Serpent of Isis clues in your inventory to help you figure out what it needs to look like. Click the other displayed images until a new image displays.

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