Brutal Legend Achievement Guide for Xbox 360 - Work Your Magic With Your Guitar

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Campaign Points

Like any mission-based game, like GTA or Call of Duty, you will gain points by beating levels or sections of the main campaign of Brutal Legend. These will be achieved through natural progression of the game.

Got a Car and a Date – 15 pts - Completed “Welcome to the Age of Metal.”

Start a Revolution – 15 pts - Completed “Exploited in the Bowels of Hell.”

Thick as a Baby’s Arm – 15 pts - Completed “Lair of the Metal Queen.”

Hair Remover – 15 pts - Completed “Battle for Bladehenge.”

French Kiss Instructor – 15 pts - Completed “Pilgrimage of Screams.”

Chicks n’ Booze n’ Stuff – 15 pts - Completed “Sanctuary of Sin.”

Ran to the Hills – 15 pts - Completed “It’s Raining Death.”

Fistfull of Fog – 15 pts - Completed “Dry Ice, Wet Graves.”

No More Tears – 15 pts - Completed “Sea of Black Tears.”

The following achievements involve defeating the campaign on varying levels of difficulty. To save time, skip the easy campaign. If you beat the campaign on normal, you’ll get credit for beating in on easy, same goes for completing the game on brutal - you’ll get credit for beating the game on all difficulty levels. Be patient on Brutal, it is a very aptly-named difficulty.

Groupie – 25 pts - Completed Campaign mode on easy.

Roadie – 25 pts - Completed Campaign mode on normal.

Legend – 25 pts - Completed Campaign mode on brutal.

Sloppy Seconds

Again, like GTA, Brutal Legend has a host of secondary missions. Complete these and you’ll continue to stack the points.

Squeal Like a Chicken – 20 pts - Completed all racing secondary missions, these start of easy and get rapidly more difficult. As you upgrade your vehicle, this will get easier.

Overkill – 20 pts - Completed all hunting secondary missions, find the hunter and exceed his best kill count. As you proceed, the beasts are harder to find, but still easy to kill. This is a very attainable achievement.

The serpent achievements below are pretty straightforward. Find them and rock them to freedom, they’re found throughout the map.

Serpent Samaritan – 10 pts - Freed 40 Bound Serpents.

Serpent Spanker – 15 pts - Freed 80 Bound Serpents.

Serpent Savior – 25 pts - Freed all 120 Bound Serpents.

Protector – 20 pts - Completed 20 ambush, outpost defense, or mortar secondary missions (it doesn’t matter the combination, just get to 20. I think ambushes tend to be the easiest and most straightforward.)

Metal God – 50 pts - Achieve 100 percent completion on the stats screen. You can check your status from the pause menu. Find all collectibles and concept art. This is going to take a lot of time and effort, but very much worth the 50 points.

Time for a Upgrade

As you proceed through the game, beating primary and secondary missions, you’ll compile credit from the gods to purchase new upgrades and abilities in the motor forge from Ozzy Osbourne. They are both pretty straightforward.

One Hit Wonder – 5 pts - Purchased one upgrade in the Motor Forge.

Loyal Customer – 25 pts - Purchased all upgrades in the Motor Forge.

Flowerslave – 20 pts - Summoned all Motor Forges.

Voices From Beyond – 20 pts - Unlocked all songs in the Mouth of Metal.

Virtuoso – 20 pts - Learned all guitar solos.

Tourist – 20 pts - Viewed all vistas.

Now You Must Tell the Tale – 20 pts - View all Legends.

Now You’re Talking Double Team - Supreme!

During combat, you are able to double team with various other warriors to lay down the thunder even harder. Get these achievements by having some fun with friends. To execute a double team move, press the “Y” button near another warrior. There will be a screen prompt when you’re in range for the attack.

Master of the Flame – 20 pts - Double Teamed with every Ironheade unit.

Master of the Tear – 20 pts - Double Teamed with every Drowning Doom unit.

Master of the Blood – 20 pts - Double Teamed with every Tainted Coil unit.

Dollpocalypse – 15 pts - Hit six enemies with the explosion from a Brood’s Double Team.

Euthanasia – 15 pts - Hit 15 enemies with one Agony Ball using the Pain Lifter’s Double Team.

Miscellaneous Violence

Most of these destructive achievements will be gained through normal campaign gameplay.

Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper – 20 pts - Slayed 150 enemies with the Deuce. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Ringleader – 15 pts - Trapped 15 enemies in one ring of fire with the Fire Baron’s Double.

I’ve never touched an axe before – 30 pts - Personally smote 300 enemies. Hack and slash with your guitar.

Painkiller – 15 pts - Killed 25 enemies with the grinder of one Rock Crusher.

Death From Above – 15 pts - Killed 20 enemies with one Bleeding Death.

Starting a Fire, and other misc. achievements

Some achievements are gained when the game’s currency, fire tributes, are acquired.

Favored - 30 pts - Acquired 3,000 Fire Tributes.

Sellout - 30 pts - Spent 250,000 fans - any mode. The fans are the fuel during battles and replenish your man and firepower.