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Brutal Legend: Unlockable Trophies and Walkthrough Game Tips

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Brutal Legend for the PS3 is a heavy metal themed action/adventure title that will keep gamer's rockin'. Along with its cool game play, there are numerous trophies available through completion of specific mission tasks. Check out this walkthrough to help you out.

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    Game Tips

    Brutal Legend game boxshot Ready to rock with Jack Black? Here is a walkthrough that will help give you the tips, cheats, and unlockables that you need to make it through this rockin' game. Here are some of my personal favorite tips:

    • To get the Spike Quilled Axe you will need to complete all Hunter secondary missions. Visit the Hunter in the Grasslands near the large stone cross. He will then give you the Spike Quilled Axe.
    • To increase your nitrous power, complete all Racing secondary missions.
    • Eddie can ride any large animals if you stun them with a bolt of lightning. Then go along side of them and press the triangle button. Once you are riding them, you can press the X button to use the animal’s attack action.
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    Unlockable Bronze Trophies

    Brutal Legend Walkthrough Tip: Complete the listed task to get the corresponding Bronze trophy.

    Armchair General

    • Win a stage battle against the AI without using any attacks

    Beast Master

    • Ride all animals in the Brutal Legends world

    Chicks n' Booze n' Stuff

    • Complete the “Sanctuary of Sin” section

    Coolest Thing Ever

    • In the “Deuce”, jump over a Hextadon

    Death From Above

    • Kill 20 enemies with Bleeding Death


    • Use “Brood’s Double Team” and hit 6 enemies with its explosion


    • Using the Pain Lifter’s Double team, hit 15 enemies with a single Agony Ball

    Fistful of Fog

    • Complete the “Dry Ice” and “Wet Graves” sections


    • Summon all of the Motor Forges

    French Kiss Instructor

    • Complete the “Pilgrimage of Screams” section

    Got a Car and a Date

    • Complete the “Welcome to the Age of Metal” section

    Hair Remover

    • Complete the “Battle for Bladehenge” section

    Iron Fist

    • Win an AI stage battle on Brutal Difficulty

    No More Tears

    • Complete the “Sea of Black Tears” section

    Now You Must Tell the Tale

    • View all Legends

    One Hit Wonder

    • Purchase a single upgrade in the Motor Forge


    • Complete all secondary hunting missions


    • Use the Rock Crusher to kill 25 enemies

    Practice Bloody Practice

    • Win an AI Stage Battle at any level of difficulty


    • Complete 20 Output Defense, Ambush or Mortar secondary missions

    Quill Tosser

    • Kill a Tollusk with Ground Urchins

    Run to the Hills

    • Complete the “It's Raining Death” section


    • Use the Fire Baron’s Double Team and trap 15 enemies in a ring of fire

    Serpent Samaritan

    • Free 40 Bound Serpents

    Serpent Spanker

    • Free 80 Bound Serpents

    Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper

    • Kill 150 enemies using the Deuce in any mode

    Squeal Like a Chicken

    • Complete all racing secondary missions

    Start a Revolution

    • Complete the “Exploited in the Bowels of Hell” section

    Thick as a Baby's Arm

    • Complete the “Lair of the Metal Queen” section


    • Win a single ranked multiplayer match


    • Learn all of the guitar solos

    Voices From Beyond

    • Unlock all songs in the “Mouth of Metal” section

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    Unlockable Silver, Gold and Platinum Trophies

    brutal legend ss1 Brutal Legend Walkthrough Tip: Complete the listed task to get the corresponding Silver,Gold or Platinum trophy

    Boar Bather (Silver Trophy)

    • Ride a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears without dying

    Conqueror (Gold Trophy)

    • Win 50 ranked multiplayer matches

    Favored (Silver Trophy)

    • Acquire 3,000 Fire Tributes

    Groupie (Silver Trophy)

    • Complete the Campaign mode on Easy

    I've Never Touched an Axe Before (Silver Trophy)

    • Kill 300 enemies in any mode

    Legend (Silver Trophy)

    • Complete the Campaign mode on Brutal level of difficulty

    Loyal Customer (Silver Trophy)

    • Buy all Motor Forge upgrades

    Metal God (Gold Trophy)

    • Achieve a hundred percent completion in the statistics screen.

    Roadie (Silver Trophy)

    • Finish the Campaign mode on Normal level of difficulty

    Rock God (Platinum Trophy)

    • Earn all PS3 trophies in Brutal Legend

    Serpent Savior (Silver Trophy)

    • Free 120 Bound Serpents

    Subjugator (Silver Trophy)

    • Win 10 multiplayer matches
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    Screenshot images for this walkthrough article were created by Sheila Robinson.