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GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Xbox 360 Achievements Guide

by: Doctor Awesome ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra picks up where the Summer blockbuster left off. Take on the forces of Cobra and pick up all the achievements along the way with our guide.

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    Xbox 360 Achievements - Cobra goes down and your gamerscore goes up

    The GI Joe game offers up a lot of Xbox 360 achievements, so to help you wrap your head around all of them, I've organized the list by the number of points each one offers. I've also put the secret achievements at the bottom of the page, so you can easily skip them if you'd rather not know.

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    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Xbox 360 Achievements - 10 Points

    gi joe box Sloppy Joe - To get this hilariously named achievement, achieve the worst rank on a level without going Man Down.

    Half the Battle - Collect half of the file cards for these points.

    Yo Joe! - Buy two G.I. Joe contacts for this one.

    Go Commando - Beat a mission with only characters in the Commando class.

    Bevvy o' Heavy - Beat a mission with only Heavy class characters.

    Combat Rock - Complete a mission with Combat class characters.

    Girls Night Out - Beat a mission using only female characters.

    Gimme the Keys - Get behind the wheel of every G.I. Joe vehicle in the game.

    Nimble Access - Gain acces to a Commando class ability door.

    Lost Keys - Like above, but access a Heavy class ability door.

    Code Cracker - Another one of these, but access a Combat Soldier class ability door.

    Double Barrel Roll - Perform ten barrel rolls in unison in co-op mode.

    Higher Score - Replay a mission and beat your previous score.

    Launch Money - Launch fifty enemies into the air and finish them off.

    Acceleration Celebration - Activate the Accelerator Suit three times in any one mission.

    It Takes Two - Beat any mission with a partner in co-op mode.

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    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Xbox 360 Achievements - 20 Points

    gijoe1 Turret Syndrome - While you're earning the Gimme the Keys achievement, pick up this one by operating every vehicle-based turret in the game.

    Hack 'n Slash - Beat a level by using only melee attacks on ground enemies.

    Man Up - Beat a Jungle or Tundra mission without going Man Down.

    No "I" in Team - Beat a mission getting higher than 50% Dual Targeting Kills

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    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Xbox 360 Achievements - 25 Points

    Baroness - Defeat Baroness.

    Destro - Destroy Destro for this one.

    Firefly - Defeat Firefly for these points.

    Storm Shattered - Beat Storm Shadow in all three of the secret arenas.

    Strike Lieutenant - Defeat every single wave in a Satellite Strike mini-game.

    Lost & Found - Collect all of the G.I. Joe contacts.

    Classified - Collect all of the Intel Cards.

    Triplets - Collect all three types of point multipliers in a single mission.

    Accomplished Mission - Achieve the highest mission ranking for this one.

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    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Xbox 360 Achievements - 35 Points

    gijoe2 File-o-phile - The GI Joe game's only 35 point achievement can be earned by collecting all of the file cards.

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    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Xbox 360 Achievements - 50 Points

    Strike Commander - Defeat every wave in all of the Satellite Strike mini-games.

    Artic Completed, Desert Completed, and Jungle Completed can be earned by completing the corresponding missions.

    M.A.S.S. Destruction - Destory the M.A.S.S. device for fifty points.

    All G.I. Joe contacts - This one is pretty self-explanatory. Purchase all of the G.I. Joe contacts.

    Hardcore G.I. Joe - Complete every mission on Hardcore difficulty to earn this well-deserved cheat.

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    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Xbox 360 Achievements - 75 Points

    gijoe3 Battle Master - The biggest achievement in the game can be earned by collecting and spending 130 possible battle points.

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    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Xbox 360 Achievements - Secret Achievements

    I'm warning you now - if you're sensitive to any sort of spoilers, skip this part! Here are the secret achievements for GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

    COBRAAAA!!! - Purchase all of the Cobra characters for 25 gamerscore points.

    Arishikage Attack - Complete any mission using Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow for ten points.

    The Tables Have Turned - Complete any Artic, Desert, or Jungle mission using any of the Cobra characters for ten points.

    Lovers' Quarrel - Beat any mission using Baroness and Duke for ten points.

    Side Mission Completist - For these twenty points, complete all sub-operation missions.