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The Humans Review

by: D Lamberti ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Humans is a trial and error platforming adventure that might be a little challenging on a few levels for kids. The game play actually lacks the energy and pure pace of a true platforming experience but involves lots of nice puzzles that occasionally show a bit of repetitiveness.

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    The Fun Parts

    The Humans take you on a journey through time 

    The Humans is a long and entertaining journey back to a time when humans weren't the masters of the planet. You'll be working your way through 8 different worlds, each with 10 different levels, so this video game adventure is going to take a while to finish. Guide a tribe of humans through a series of platforming puzzles that increase in difficulty and complexity as you progress through the worlds. Guide them over chasms, past hostile humans, and even roaming dinosaurs during 80 levels of stone throwing, wheel riding, spear chucking, rope swinging and dinosaur slaying action and adventure.

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    What Needs Improvement

    The Humans is rated for gamers 3 years old and up, but the tougher puzzles and challenges are too hard to kids this young to complete. Many younger gamers will just be confused and confounded by the puzzles and challenges, and want to play a different video game.

    The Humans includes dinosaurs in the game play, but dinosaurs are at least 65 million years removed from the time humans were first seen on the Earth. This addition might make younger gamers think that dinosaurs and humans actually lived at the same time in history and this is probably not a good thing to be teaching them, but in terms of gameplay, it adds a certain element of adventure to the gamer.

    You'll need to repeat the platforming movements for all of The Humans to get them to the spot you need them to be. It can be frustrating and boring to have to repeat the same motions over and over, and if you get bored and make a mistake, you'll have to start from the beginning.

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    The Game Graphics

    The Humans graphical presentation has an air of cute and charming to it that the kids will love, but the production values in this video game are average at best. The screens and environments have about the same production levels of Super Nintendo video games, like Donkey Kong. There's also no way to adjust the resolution on this video game, so you're stuck with the presentation the way you see it. The good aspect about this is that this PC video game will run on just about any computer in use today, as it has very modest system requirements.

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    The Humans is a puzzle and platforming video game that has more challenging puzzles than entertaining platforming. You have to steer your bumbling humans along the path of evolution as they discover a few of the most significant inventions in human history. Along the way you'll solve interesting and engaging platforming puzzles using trial and error to succeed. The main goal in most of the puzzles is to get your humans to a hut or retrieve some crucial bit of technology, like a rope, that you need to make it to the next part of the adventure. You only get five lives per puzzle, and if you die, you have to start over, so this increases the difficulty. The platforming movements are difficult to judge at times, so it's easy to misjudge a jump or accidentally walk off a cliff. You can often tell when this is happening because you'll see an animation of a caveman trying to keep his balance. You can switch between humans and you'll need to do this to figure out where each of your humans needs to be to complete some puzzles. You might need to stand on a switch, have one human in position to toss down a key item to another human, or even dangle a rope for another to climb up. You have to use your humans together as a team to complete this video game.

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    The Final Word

    The Humans isn't going to entertain too many three year olds, but it will entertain kids who are a little older and experienced. The casual gamer will enjoy playing this game with kids or even another casual gamer. Hardcore gamers are going to run away from this game as fast as they can move, unless they like this kind of challenge.

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    The Humans for the PCTake The Humans for an adventure
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