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Memento Mori Video Game Review

by: Leon Eardley ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Memento Mori video game is a slow and plodding adventure video game that makes the world of art forgeries and ancient conspiracies less entertaining than I expected. Are the fantastic visuals, outstanding sound, and superb story line enough to keep you patient through the pacing issues?

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    The Good Parts of the Memento Mori Video Game

    Momento Mori has a dark and mysterious atmosphere and useful game play 

    The video game Memento Mori's atmospheric graphical presentation immerses your senses in dark, grim settings and environments with a look so realistic you will think people actually live there. All the objects, buildings, and outdoor settings are wonderfully detailed to fool the eye into believing this virtual world is real. Lyon looks and feels like you're walking down a street in France as you play the game, St. Petersburg looks like it could be out of a book and Helsinki looks cold and lonely in winter.

    The voice acting in the Memento Mori video game is simply impressive in emotional content and how authentic the accents of the people sound as you move about the streets of different international locations. The main character, Lara Svetlova, is really nice to listen too and the voice actress that did her voice is obviously a top professional in her field.

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    The Bad Parts of the Memento Mori Video Game

    The story of the Memento Mori video game develops too slowly, even for a point and click adventure video game, a genre that has never been known for its high levels of fast-paced action. You'll spend a lot of game time accomplishing the same mundane tasks over and over, like opening a door or walking down the street.

    One scene in particular is a good example of this. In this quest you spend your time getting Lara a new cell phone battery from the IT department in her Lyon office and trying to figure out how to turn on a piece of laboratory equipment. At the same time Max gets to wander the darkened Hermitage (one of the world's top galleries, the core holdings originally having been assembled by Catherine the Great) where his biggest challenge is a velvet rope he doesn't think he should cross.

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    The Graphics of the Memento Mori Video Game

    Memento Mori uses a vivid 3D third-person perspective that provides you with an amazing view of all the detailed environments you get Memento Mori PC Screenshot 1 to play in as you travel around the world on your adventure. You'll navigate the detective of the moment through beautifully rendered and realized living rooms, offices, rain-swept streets, spooky museums and sunny parks with nice natural-looking lighting and shadows. The animations are all solid but there are so many useless and repetitive animations of opening cell phones and closing doors that it really slows the game play in this adventure video game down to a crawl.

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    Soundtrack of the Memento Mori Video Game

    Memento Mori PC Screenshot 2 Memento Mori's soundtrack is an amazing orchestrated score of nice sounding piano tunes and occasional classical pieces that was okay when first heard, but after hearing it repeat over and over, became really annoying. The voice acting of the narrator in Memento Mori is very well done and sets the pace and atmosphere as you progress through each chapter wonderfully. The voice acting is great, but the repetitive music drags it down.

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    Storyline of the Memento Mori Video Game

    The first half of Memento Mori's story line starts off too slowly once it does get rolling it grips your mind and senses tightly in a murder mystery that's very entertaining. The second half of the tale unfortunately starts to unravel and spirals into insanity as it leaves reality, while I would have preferred a more straightforward murder intrigue. Still one of the best written stories I have seen in an adventure video game this year and one that definitely engrosses and entertains.

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    Playability of the Memento Mori Video Game

    Memento Mori is not a video game with outstanding playability for most gamers and even hardcore adventure gamers are going to find Memento Mori PC Screenshot 3 this game to be slow and uneventful much of the time. You do get to switch between two different characters and there are eight different endings to provide incentive to replay this adventure, but there's very little challenge in this video game for any level of skill. They added a few easy puzzles that aren't very challenging but these puzzles do require you to use logic in your solutions, so at least you have to think a bit.

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    Final Word

    Memento Mori is a video game recommended for casual gamers who like an adventure video game with a great story that will immerse their senses and mind in a world that will let them escape the real world for awhile. Hardcore adventure gamers might enjoy this video game but it's definitely not as energetic or fun as many other titles in this genre.