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Monster versus Aliens Review

by: Marie ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Following the usual design of the movie turned video game, check out Dreamworks's attempt at turning the huge movie hit Monsters versus Aliens into a game and find out whether the game is as good as the movie!

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    Monsters V. Aliens

    Videogame tie-ins to movies, especially those targeting younger players, are stereotypically tarnished with a reputation for lackluster gameplay and very limited replayability. Monsters vs. Aliens for the PC is no exception. Following the plot of the 2009 animated DreamWorks film, the game puts players in-charge of defending Earth from aliens using characters such as Susan (a.k.a. Ginormica), The Missing Link, B.O.B, and Dr. Cockroach (for multiplayer).

    If you're watched the movie, then you'll be pretty familiar with characters in the story and will probably be looking forward to the game too, but unfortunately, like a lot of movies turned games, Monster Versus Aliens focuses on the marketability of the movie rather the actual game and will fall short of expectations.

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    Sounds and Graphics

    monsters vs aliens profilelarge On a visual level, Monsters vs. Aliens for the PC does not look as good compared to other games of its generation. Although character models are not half-bad, the in-game world lacks environmental details that other games with similar graphics requirements are capable of. Levels appear to be repetitive, especially on Susan’s roller-skating levels. Even the game’s console counterparts pale in comparison to other games of its generation in terms of graphics.

    With some of the film’s voice actors reprising their roles, Monsters vs. Aliens has good sound production. Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett and Rain Wilson voice their respective characters. Diehard fans of House M.D and 24 will probably be disappointed though, since the game production could not acquire the talents of Hugh Laurie and Kiefer Sutherland, who voiced Dr. Cockroach and General W.R. Monger respectively. Also, with a musical score composed by Jim Dooley (SOCOM Navy Seals), the game’s sound is definitely above average.

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    monsters-vs-aliens-20090403043957845 640w 

    monsters-vs-aliens-20090403043954689 640w Even with different level types for each of the three characters, the game doesn’t stray from standard formulaic gameplay. Susan’s levels let you control her as she skates through the roads while avoiding enemies and other various obstacles along her path. As B.O.B, players must manipulate his sticky form to solve an assortment of puzzles. While playing as The Missing Link, players run around levels while destroying things, a typical form of 3rd-person action platform gameplay. The only other gameplay characteristic of Monster vs. Aliens is that a second player can join in and control Dr. Cockroach, using the mouse. On the PC, multiplayer without Xbox 360 controllers can prove to be complicated.

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    Monsters vs. Aliens for the PC fits right into the niche of movie-videogame tie-ins that have repetitive gameplay and almost zero replayability. Once the player masters the game’s somewhat unusual controls for the keyboard, any idea of difficulty seems to disappear. Nevertheless, the game is best played with an Xbox 360 controller. Monsters vs. Aliens for the PC is good if you’re a diehard fan of the animated movie, or if you like skating as a 50-foot tall woman.

    Kids will love this game, definitely. It's something that they will enjoy playing and will keep them entertained as well as remind them of the movie, which is what the developers seem to have in mind. For the more mature minded players, this game will definitely be a disappointment and most likely a snoozefest. From what we've learned from the Incredibles, and other movie turned video games, the gamble doesn't always have a good payout.