Nintendo Wii Guides: Okami Side Quests Guide for Races, Fishing and Laundry

Nintendo Wii Guides: Okami Side Quests Guide for Races, Fishing and Laundry
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There are several side quests available in the action adventure game Okami for the Nintendo Wii. In order to figure some of them out, you may need a little bit of help. That’s what this guide is for! Read on and you can get through all of the Okami side quests without a problem!


There are several races to complete in Okami for extra goods. In order to beat each race you must head butt your opponent from the side.

Shinshu Field against the mailman. Run the race with him 3 times and you will get the gimmick gear and praise.

Southern Ryoshima Coast: Cure the Emperor in Sei-An City. Talk to Hayate (the man running up and down the beach). Race him 3 times and you will get a stray bead and praise.

Kamui: After Wawku Shrine, go to Yoshpet and race Kai. You only have to race her once for a stray bead and praise.



While you have to fish to proceed through Okami, you can also fish as a side quest for money. All of the areas you have to fish at will become available fishing spots later on. They are:

Agata Forest: Opens after you fight Waka for the second time, but closes after you defeat the Gale Shrine.

Sei-An City Aristocrat Quarter: Opens after you cure the Emperor. Talk to Benkei (the one who you fished with to lower the bridge).

Northern Ryoshima: Opens when you enter. Buy the marlin rod and go to the fisherman out on the islands and catch the marlin. Bring it back to Ume (at the restaurant in Sei-An City) and you will gain the brush stroke Whirlwind.

Kamui: Opens when you bloom the guardian sapling.

Laundry Help

In Kamiki Village, Mrs. Orange can’t hang up her laundry. Draw her a new laundry stick and she will reward you with cherry cakes at night for Ammy’s astral pouch. Talk to her each night for more cakes.

Wanted Lists

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There are several characters throughout the game that have lists of wanted demons for Ammy to hunt down. Each demon on the list can only be found at night, and they are in a different spot than the normal demon scrolls during the day, making them easy to find. Each demon on the list is also only in the area corresponding to the list. After you defeat each demon on the list, go back to the person who gave you the list and they will give you gold dust.

Wanted lists are available in there areas:

Shinshu Field: Talk to the priest in the shrine near the Moon Cave.

Kusa Village: Talk to the girl in the room of the inn at night. First you must head butt the bathroom door, leave the inn and return. She will be in her room.

Sei-An City, Commoner’s Quarter: After you clear the mist, talk to a man walking near the gate to the Aristocrat Quarter. He’ll brag about a list of demons he is going to defeat. Go into the restaurant at night and he will be drunk and you can take the list from him. Warning! If you talk to him after you’ve taken the list but have yet to defeat all the demons on it, he will chase and attack you!

Kamui: Talk to the man in the hut near the frozen pond.

Turnip Dig


Okami starts in Kamiki Village. While there if you can dig up all ten turnips in the garden without getting smacked by Mushi’s mom you will get praise and some food for your astral pouch. To complete, you must dig during the day with Mushi’s mom standing over you and finish in the time limit (it’s not shown, so this part is hard). To avoid Mushi’s mom, cover her with ink before you dig. She will turn black and won’t be able to see you for a short amount of time. Take the last turnip to Mushi and he will give you praise. When the music stops, your time is up.

Extra Bosses


Once you have Super Dig you can fight 3 extra bosses and a series of extra demon gates.

Southern Ryoshima Coast: Near the guardian sapling is a super dig spot. Dig and a hole with purple smoke will appear. Jump into the hole and Ammy will be forced to fight the spider bandit. If you win you’ll get a sun fragment. Leave and re-enter the hole to fight through a series of 10 demon gates. They are much harder than normal demon gates, so be prepared. Once defeated you will get a stray bead and a golden peach.

Northern Ryoshima Coast: On one of the outlying islands dig in the super dig spot. If purple smoke comes out of the hole it is an extra boss. This is just another spider bandit (if you jump in you have to either fight him or die, there is no escape). Once defeating him you get a sun fragment. Leave and come back to fight through 10 more demon gates. Once again, these demons are more powered up so come prepared. Winning gets you a stray bead and a golden peach.

Kamui: Take the path toward Wep’keer, but jump off before the portal into the frozen waterfall. Cherry bomb the wall and enter a tunnel with a super dig spot. Purple mist will come out of the hole. Jump into it to fight another spider bandit for a sun fragment. Leave and come back to fight 10 other demon gates for a stray bead and a golden peach.

Golden Mushroom


Talk to the man at the tea shop in the entrance to Taka Pass. His teacup was stolen by pesky moles! Go get it back (the moles are to the right near the wall) by playing a game with them (whack a mole). Once hitting the boss 3 times you will get the teacup back. Bring it to the man and he will give you a golden mushroom (needed to get Fireburst later in the game).

Canine Warrior Challenge


After defeating Oni Island, go back to the Gale Shrine for another fight with the canine warriors. If you thought they were tough before, look at them now! Talk to Fuse and you can engage them in combat. You must fight them three times in groups of 4, then 3 then 1. If you win you will get a stray bead and praise.

Lost Pet

On the Southern Ryoshima Coast a man has lost his pet. Talk to him and he will ask where it is. Bring him any animal and he will tell you his pet is cuter and black and white. Go to the rabbits on the hill above the beach where the man is standing and bring him the black and white rabbit. He will give you praise and a stray bead in exchange.

Mr. Flower

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After clearing the mist from Sei-An City, talk to Mr. Flower in the Commoner’s Quarter. He wants to clear the evil from the trees, but first you have to bloom all the trees that aren’t cursed. Bloom all the trees you can (including the one on his head and inside of his house!), then talk to him. He will run away to do his dance to heal the trees. Follow him around the city and heal each tree at the right moment (when he points at it) and you will get praise.


After the mist is cleared from Sei-An City there is a thief on the loose. At night, talk to the guard in the corner of the city after entering, then light all the great fires, then talk to the guard again. The thief is ready to be caught! Power Slash the boulder behind the guard to find the thief. The thief will pop out and Ammy will have to chase him around the city. A symbol will appear above the thief’s head corresponding to a brush stroke (it is simple to tell which is which). Draw the brush stroke on said thief to catch him. You must play 4 times to get back all the items the thief has stolen.