Nintendo Wii Guides: Okami Secret Brush Strokes Guide

Nintendo Wii Guides: Okami Secret Brush Strokes Guide
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In Okami for the Nintendo Wii, one of the most unique things about the game is getting to use calligraphy brush strokes to rejuvenate the world and defeat enemies. However, Okami has many hidden brush techniques that aren’t a part of the normal roster. In order to learn them you need to do special things, and that’s what this guide is for!


Allows Ammy to create fire anywhere!

In the restaurant in Sei-An city there is a chef, Yama, in the back room who wants to make the world’s best ramen using the golden mushroom get the golden mushroom from the tea shop owner in Taka Pass). Give it to him, leave and come back the next day (you can use Sunrise to start the day again). Once back, he will complain that he can’t get his fire started. Examine a mark on the wall and Issun will make a comment about it being a fire symbol. It looks like an 8 turned on its side (the infinity symbol). Talk to Yama and draw the symbol on the fire to get Fireburst. It may take a few times to work. To use, draw an 8 turned on its side.

Power Slash 2

Upgrade Power Slash to cut through iron rock.

This is on the island in the Northern Ryoshima Coast near the fisherman. You have to Power Slash the rock with a bunch of pottery around it and a hole into the ground will appear. Jump in. You will be in a cavern with a few trees you can restore (for the praise) and a spring. If you examine the spring, Issun will prompt you to donate money to it. Donate 60,000 yen and you will receive Power Slash 2 in return.

Power Slash 3

Allows Ammy to cut through diamond rock.

If you already have Power Slash 2, go to the spring in Kamui and donate 360,000 yen to it. You will get Power Slash 3 in return.

Double Cherry Bombs

Draw 2 Cherry Bombs at a time.

On an island off the Northern Ryoshima Coast is another spring under the ground with a few trees to restore around it. Issun will prompt you to donate some money to it. Donate 120,000 yen and you will get Double Cherry Bombs.

Triple Cherry Bombs

Draw 3 Cherry Bombs at a time.

If you already have Double Cherry Bombs, go to the spring in Kamui near the guardian sapling and donate 300,000 yen. You will get


in return.


Create a tornado that spins around Ammy and blows away everything.

Buy the Marlin Rod and take it to the fisherman on the Northern Ryoshima Coast. Use it to catch the marlin and take the fish to the restaurant in Sei-An city and speak with the woman in the front, Umi. You will get Whirlwind in return. To use, draw three lines horizontally to each other.

Mist Warp

Warp between the origin mirrors (the saving mirrors) with this brush stroke.

Collect 80 demon fangs (use Golden Fury, if you have it) and sell them to the Emperor in Sei-An city for the Fog Pot. Once you have the Fog Pot you will get this brush technique. To use, draw an X and you will be asked where you would like to warp to. It can only be used at an origin mirror and will only warp Ammy to origin mirrors she has already been to!


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Rids Ammy of the need to use mermaid coins to travel between mermaid springs. She can just use this brush stroke instead.

Play the digging game in Dragon Palace with the fat dancer and win. If you save the Swirly Whirly Spring you will get Fountain in return for your trouble. To use, draw a spiral from the outside in over a mermaid spring.


Creates a rainstorm.

Once you have Fountain and have defeated Ninetails, return to the palace in which Queen Himiko resides. There will be a pool behind her building and four stones in the middle of the lake in the background. Use Waterspout to attach the water from the spring to each of the stones and you will learn Deluge. To use, draw 2 vertical lines next to each other.


An upgrade of Thunderstorm. Ammy can use electricity against enemies with this brush stroke.

Go to Shinshu field and talk to the mailman who is always running back and forth. He will challenge you to 3 different races (talk to him again after you win each race). Win all 3 and he will give you the gimmick gear. Take the gimmick gear to Gen in Sei-An city. He is in the Aristocrat Quarter in a tower on the northwestern side of the city (use the cat prints to climb up to him)


. Once you talk to him you will get Thunderbolt. To use, draw a lightning bolt.

Ice Storm

Summon ice from the sky and cause an ice storm.

Once you have learned the brush stroke Blizzard this technique is available. To use, draw an X with a horizontal line going through the middle of it. It should look a bit like a giant snowflake.