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The Godfather: Blackhand Edition Wii Review

by: Marie ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Check out the Wii Version of the Godfather Game Franchise, The Godfather:Blackhand Edition. What separates the Wii version of the Godfather from all the versions? Check out this review to find out!

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    About the Game

    It's been called the highest rated version of the Godfather yet - beating even the PS3 release that came out along with this version. Aside from the normal 20 missions that players have encountered in previous games, Blackhand Edition has 10 extra missions and a new rival family.

    The Godfather: Blackhand Edition still has you working on the hit book (and later on movie) by Puzo - the powerful Italian mafia family, the Corleones. With a twist of course that you can only see in the game, the novel is reworked to have the players immerse themselves in the world of syndicated crimes and having them work their way to the top to finally become Made Men.

    It's a classic story, with an innovative twist that will have players of this genre happy and wanting more!

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    Players will start off as a new character in the much loved Godfather novel who's father is murdered. You enter the ranks of the Corleone family and rise up as you try to eventually avenge your father's death. Watching your father die before your eyes and not having the power to do anything about it, your mother takes you to see the Don at his daughter's wedding (remember this from the movie?) and asks him to take you under his wing. You'll be hoisted onto Luca Brasi's care, the Don's personal muscle and he'll be the one teaching you how to be a Made Man.

    Beginning as the enforcer means you start off with petty crime, extortion, robbery, violence etc. You'll be asked to do favors in exchanged for cuts in businesses, scaring away drug dealers etc until you become a Made Man. Continue on with the story of course, some of which follows the story while others were created merely for the game. Gun down enemy mobsters, take bribes, give bribes and take over families as you emerge as the Godfather of the Corleone family!

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    There's now a new crew system in place in the game, meaning that you can have a hit team assist you in your missions. A gauge monitors the hit squad, as long as there's not much damage to the team, you can instantly call the team back to help you out after the missions.

    Now the Blackhand Edition has two paths to take in finally controlling all of the families. You can either be the Enforcer or the Operator. The Enforcer finishes the game by brute force, taking down the other families whereas the Operator does things stealthily, through blackmail, bribing and police control. In essence you'll not only have your family brutes in control but your local friendly police as well.

    You'll have a variety of motion controls with the Wii Remote, letting you jab, hit and uppercut enemies when fighting. It really brings out the action in the action genre doesn' t it?

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    Sounds and Graphics

    While it's not as impressive as one might want it to be, the graphics of The Godfather is still above par, considering this game requires a lot of jerky movements, guns-a-blazing action. Still, it won't win any awards for Best Wii Graphics, but it'll do.

    Soundwise, here's where things really kick off for the game. Renowned actors do lend their voices for their characters in game, even the late great Marlon Brando - all but Al Pacino who's decided to lend his voice to the Scarface game.

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    Screenshots from the Game

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    Overall, The Godfather Blackhand Edition really does take the cake and is a good mafia, violence, action/adventure style game. While the story telling may not be different (not that much different) from the original Godfather game release, it is still impressive, especially with the Wii Remote! All in all, it's a great game.