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The Godfather II Cheats, Hints and Tips

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some cheat codes, hints and tips for action crime game The Godfather II. Find out how to get extra cash, ammo and health. How to find all of the various characters and how to pull off some useful hand to hand combat combos.

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    The Godfather II

    The Godfather II Cover The Godfather II is an action game which was released on the PlayStation 3 in April. It challenges you to build up your own crime family as part of the Corleone empire. As the revolution hits Cuba you’ll be looking to expand your interests in Miami and New York which is easier said than done.

    You will need to learn how to extort businesses, bribe cops, launder your dirty money and compete with other families without stepping on the wrong toes. Luckily there are a few cheat codes to help you as you climb ever higher to become the most feared and respected mobster in the States. This article will also provide you with some hints and tips to guide you to success in Godfather II.

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    Godfather 2 Cheat Codes

    You can enter the following cheat codes when you are in Don view but they are only available every five minutes.

    • $5,000 – Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, L3
    • Full Ammunition - Triangle, Left, Triangle, Right, Square, R3
    • Full Health – Left, Square, Right, Triangle, Right, L3
    • Unlock Tommy Cipolla (go to Main Menu/Options/Enter Unlock Code) - F5RE-ZYHJ-TGC2-29MG
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    Character Locations

    You have to find and recruit various characters as you play through the game so here are the specialities and locations of them. Just remember some of the characters do not appear until the appropriate time in the game and you may have to progress to spawn them.

    • Alvin Uzzano is a Safecracker/Medic with an Advanced Gun License
    • Location: Northeast of Richie's Tavern in New York.
    • Bernard Uzzano is a Bruiser/Medic with an Advanced Gun License.
    • Location: Inside or near the large crypt closest to the north of the hangout of Almeida capo Jaime Fesser at Goldenrest Cemetery in Florida.
    • Jimmy Lira is an Arsonist/Medic/Safecracker/Engineer
    • Location: Jersey’s Sports Bar in Las Palmas in Florida (requires bonus downloadable content).
    • Leroy Petriboni is a Safecracker/Engineer with an Expert Gun License
    • Location: Jersey's Sports Bar in Las Palmas in Florida
    • Ray Fogliano is an Arsonist/Demolition expert
    • Location: On top of building across from Corman's Drive-In in Florida
    • Ray Ricci is a Demolitions/Engineer with an Expert Gun License.
    • Location: In the square between Casino Imperial and capitol in Cuba.
    • Roy Mancini is a Bruiser/Engineer with an Expert Gun License
    • Location: At the airport in Corazon de Oro in Cuba near the second plane behind the Battaglia Cement Factory.
    • Tommy Cipolla is an Arsonist/Medic.
    • Location: Corleone Compound in New York (enter code in cheats above).
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    Attack Combos

    You can use some attack combos in the game to pull off some nasty violent manoeuvres.

    • Arm Break – R1, R1, R1, L1
    • Kick Shin – R1, R1, L1
    • Knee Groin – L1, L1, R1
    • Neck Punch – L1, L1, L1, R1
    • Backhand – L1, R1, L1, R1, L1
    • Haymaker – R1, L1, R1, L1, R1