The Adventures of Star Fox

The Adventures of Star Fox
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Story (5 out of 5)

The story of Star Fox Adventures is far more complex than the previous games of the series. That’s because it deals with a coup d’état executed by a military officer named General Scales to throw from the throne the Queen of the EarthWalkers and take control of the planet. However, a small fraction of rebels try to prevent the rise of General Scales only to being overthrow by the forces of the General. At the end the rebels ask for help to General Peppers, and he ends sending Fox to resolve the social situation of the planet an impend a war between the different tribes.

The story is really good, so far it is probably one the best storylines in the video game history because it deals with serious topics behind the sci-fi adventure curtain. Maybe that aspect in the story, the coup d’état, is the reason why the game is really popular (behind the modified gameplay mechanics of Zelda, that is the other reason that we are going to discuss later) as it has an adult story incorporated that make the game appealing to older audiences, as well as kids that won’t suspect the political themes that are behind their dinosaur adventure. The given score to the story is a perfect five because it is extremely well written and the dialogs are clever.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

The gameplay of Star Fox Adventures is really similar to Zelda Ocarina of Time, why is similar? Because the mechanics of Star Fox Adventures use an altered gameplay of OfT, if you have played both games you will see that Fox can’t jump similar as Link and he can get power ups (Similar as the weaponry upgrade in any Zelda game), but there is one difference between the Zelda games and Star Fox Adventures, that difference is that Fox automatically aim at his enemies to execute a better attack, something that is not seen in any Zelda game, where the player must input the aim manually.

The graphics are superb, a perfect five, the skins and textures are amazing the player feels being inside the game; and, for the time the graphics were really advance and ahead of other games, compare some games of the early 2000 period and you will see some of them are more polygonal or other even if they were from an advance console they looked really rudimentary, but we not going to discuss any titles. The given score to the graphics is a perfect 5, just take a look at some of the photos and you will see the realism incorporated into the mechanics.

Overall (5 out of 5)

The game is excellent, the only issue is that is hard to find new copies today but at your local convenience store, like Gamestop you probably will find second hand copies that are in great shape and can be played as if they were new, other option but I don’t recommend it all go to ebay, or if you want something safer go to Amazon and there is a chance you will find a new copy over there but I can bet they could be a little bit expensive. As it was said, the game is really good, a blast to play because the story is great and the gameplay is superb in any sense. The given score to Star Fox Adventures is a perfect five, because the game is perfect and it has plenty of replay value.