Mirror's Edge: How to Edit Game Files and Activate Cheats

Mirror's Edge: How to Edit Game Files and Activate Cheats
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Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is an attractive and innovative first-person action game which is all about free running. The backstory is that you are carrying messages in secret under the nose of the evil regime in power, but essentially the game is all about finding routes across the roof tops of the urban sprawl. You do this by weaving your way past various obstacles to find the right route. There is a lot of sliding, jumping, running and generally performing death defying stunts.

It is a tricky game with many hidden extras, and it offers a refreshing change to the combat-based gunplay that makes up most first-person games. It can be a tricky challenge so this article will show you how to use the various cheats that are available.

Editing Game Files

The developers have attempted to disable cheats in the game so the ~ key which usually opens the command console won’t work. If you want to activate cheats you’ll need to edit some game files and create some key bindings. You’ll want to find the TdInput.ini file which should be located here –

My Documents\EA Games\Mirror’s Edge\TdGame\Config

Once you have found it right click and open with Notepad and find this line –


You can add new bindings to new lines above this, just make sure that you don’t double bind a key. To give you an example here is Change Camera bound to F2 –


The other cheat codes are as follows: the description and then the code you need to use.

  • God Mode – god
  • Jesus Mode – jesus
  • Free Cam – dropme (God Mode must be on for this to work)
  • Change 1st/3rd Person – FreeFlightCamera
  • Unlimited Ammo – ammo
  • All Weapons – loadfullinventory
  • Show Frame Rate – stat xunit
  • Slow Motion Mode – slomo 0.4
  • Slow Motion Off – slomo 1.0
  • Unlock All Levels – UnlockAllLevels
  • Lock All Levels - LockAllLevels
  • Unlock All Time Trials – UnlockAllTT
  • Lock All Time Trials – LockAllTT

Further Hints

You can also unlock the speedrun option by completing the game on any difficulty, and this will then allow you to play any chapter of the game as time trial. In order to unlock Hard mode, simply beat the game on Easy or Normal. Be warned however, as enemies are much tougher in Hard mode and runner vision is off by default.