Catherine Game Preview: Five Reasons Why it is Worth Importing

Catherine Game Preview: Five Reasons Why it is Worth Importing
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Interesting Story

Vincent has two big problems. For one, he is caught in the middle of a love triangle between his long time girlfriend, Katherine, and his new found love, Catherine. Furthermore, he is also dealing with nightmares in which he is constantly being chased by horrific monsters. Unfortunately for him, it seems that other men are having the same nightmares and are dying in their sleep.

The bizarre story should be able to keep you engrossed throughout Vincent’s trials and tribulations.

Slick Presentation

Graphics in Catherine

The story is helped greatly thanks to slick and stylish presentation. This shouldn’t be a big surprise as the Catherine game is being developed by the same team responsible for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 and 4. Thanks to the Gamebryo engine, the cel-shaded graphics almost look as good as the animated scenes. The music is also filled with many hip Japanese pop tracks. Catherine is very easy on the eyes and ears.

Unique Gameplay

Like the story, the gameplay for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 title is spilt into two parts. During the daytime, Catherine is an adventure game where you can explore the Stray Sheep Bar by chatting with the inhabitants and performing other activities within its confines.

Things will get weird when Vincent goes to sleep, however. With nothing but his boxers and sheep-like horns, he must escape from the nightmarish monsters chasing him. To do so, he must continue to climb the blocks of tower in order reach the exit at the top. Along the way, Vincent has to pull, push and set blocks to create climbable paths. You will see a very gruesome death scene if the monster managed to get to Vincent before he could escape.

The Catherine game has a unique mix of adventure and puzzle elements. It is unlikely any other game currently on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. More importantly, the gameplay is engrossing and intense.

Extra Modes

Gameplay in Catherine

The main story is only a portion of the game. Catherine has numerous other modes that will also tie-in to the core block-climbing gameplay. You can play against another player or compete for high scores in the Babel and Colosseum modes after you beat the story. Furthermore, the Stray Sheep Bar is also home to a mini-game, Rapunzel, with dozens of more block-climbing levels.

High Replayability

Naturally, the extra modes will extend the length of the game substantially. If that wasn’t enough, Catherine also has multiple endings based on your decisions you make throughout your Vincent’s story. Since you can skip cut scenes, replaying the game shouldn’t be too much of a tedious task.

With so many post-game options available, Catherine should lasts for quite a long time even after you beat the game.

The gaming industry is dominated by many sequels and copy-cat titles. The Catherine game provides a refreshing change with its unique approach to story, presentation and gameplay. Therefore, it is worth importing for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers looking for something a little different.