Deadly Premonition Greenvale Map Information & Images

Deadly Premonition Greenvale Map Information & Images
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Deadly Premonition - Greenvale Map

Deadly Premonition takes players to a small town out in the boondocks of middle America. Playing as Francis York Morgan – a grizzled FBI agent – you travel to the small town of Greenvale, where a murder has taken place under mysterious circumstances. While the invasive soundtrack and comical voice acting compliments the satirical storyline, perhaps the most overlooked dynamical aspect of the game comes from the Deadly Premonition Greenvale map, with its confusing & befuddling implementation.

This article will posit reasons for this obsfucation towards the player, taking a closer look at the Deadly Premonition Greenvale map, with its disorientating & confusing presentation. Furthermore, a short description of some of the key map points will also be featured, as well as images of the Greenvale map itself.

Deadly Premonition Greenvale Map & Analysis

In Deadly Premonition, Greenvale’s map is shown when the BACK button on Xbox 360 is pressed. This brings up a screen showing a portion of the map. The player is restricted to a zoom limit, which deliberately stops the players from viewing the entire map. Also, there are some orientation changes that occur depending on main character York’s current facing position when entering the map screen, which can oft times be initially confusing. To combat this, scrolling over the map for a good five-to-ten minutes will prove useful in deciphering its layout.

There are two main hamlets or parts to the town of Greenvale. The first houses the Police Station, the A&G Diner, Nick & Olivia Cormack’s house, Brian The Insomniac’s house, Sallie Graham’s house and the Galaxy of Terror bar owned by Carol Maclaine. This is closest to Pollie Oxford’s hotel which York stays during the events of the game. In the second part of the town, connected to the other via a bridge and straight road, players will find the Gas Station, Wesley the gun dealer’s house, Emily & George’s houses, the Milk Barn convenience store and the Darts bar SWERY ‘65.

Implementation of The Greenvale Map From Deadly Premonition

Deadly 005

Aside from these two separate parts of the town, there are multiple locations across the country-side, which are both driven to during the main story and only found through exploration or a specific side quest. Locales around the Deadly Premonition Greenvale setting include the General’s scrap yard where York can reclaim his modified ride, the graveyard which Brian tends to, the Lumbermill where the murder of Anna takes place, the Hospital where Ushah & Fiona both work and Harry Stewart’s mansion beside Velvet falls.

It isn’t often such a well developed setting is used in a video game. Often times players will find a disjointed experience with a lack of verisimilitude in level design, for instance the prefab levels in Mass Effect or Gears of War as an example or load screen transitions in Deadspace or Bioshock. Instead of this trope, Deadly Premonition (Greenvale being the setting) gives you a fully realised area, that couples verisimilitude with a hyper-realism in both characters & aesthetic. This setting is reinforced through the over-the-top action and some of the more bombastic story elements.

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