Xbox Live Support: Configuring Your Router, Wireless Router, and Xbox 360 Together

Xbox Live Support: Configuring Your Router, Wireless Router, and Xbox 360 Together
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Troubleshooting Your Xbox 360

Now, before you have determined that it is your router or wireless router causing all of the problems, make sure that you have gone through the basic Xbox Live troubleshooting tips and checked to see if your home network settings are configured correctly. Once you are sure that those are not the problems, then move onto checking your router configurations.

Configuring Your Router

Sometimes when you add on a new piece of hardware to your home network, you need to update the settings for your router or wireless router. Each different router will have special ways that you have to configure it and it is a good idea to have their website up and ready to go, just in case.

Getting To The Configuration Page

To get to the right page to configure your router, simply go to your router’s IP address online. To do this, hit Start, and then Run on your own computer. Then type in “CMD” and hit enter. You will see a command prompt window appear. In the window, enter in “ipconfig/all” and then hit enter again. You should then see a line that will start with “Default gateway”, write down the IP address that you see there. It will normally be either or

Now, open a browser on your computer and enter in “https://” and then the IP address that you got and hit enter. You should then pull up the router page. The layout of the page will vary by the different router model that you have, but it should be pretty easy to browse through the page to find the right settings that need to be adjusted.

Changing Router Settings

One of the best suggestions that I can give you here is: if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, contact your router technical support. Otherwise, you run the risk of messing up your home network connection and then none of your internet connections will work. If you do decide to change any of your router or wireless router settings, it is always a good idea to write down the original setting so you can change it back if you get the wrong result.

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