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    • Using your Xbox 360 Controller on your PC
      Since many gamers nowadays have been raised on consoles, you may be interested to know that there is an alternative to using the keyboard and mouse for PC games. You can play PC games with your Xbox 360 controller. Here's a guide on how to do it.
    • Review of the Updated Xbox 360 "Slim"
      Perhaps Microsoft's biggest bombshell at this year's E3 was the imminent release of the oft-rumored redesigned Xbox 360 console. This new version of the hardware features a larger built-in hard drive and quieter operation, but is it worth upgrading if you already have a 360?
    • Must Have Xbox 360 Accessories
      Get the accessories you need for your Xbox 360, with this in-depth guide to the best in headsets, controllers, remotes and more.
    • What is the New Xbox 360 "Jasper"?
      The new Xbox 360, named "Jasper", is a feat of engineering that puts out less heat, uses less energy and should be more reliable. But why? What's the difference? Here's what's different and how to know you're buying one -- without taking it apart.
    • New Xbox 360 Controller Redesign: Featuring a Functional D-Pad
      Last week, Xbox Live's Major Nelson officially announced the oft-rumored Xbox 360 controller redesign. The new controller features an improved D-pad, redefined aesthetics, and upgraded analog sticks. Read on for full details on this long-awaited redesign.
    • How to Switch the Xbox 360 Virtual Keyboard to QWERTY Mode
      Is the Xbox 360 on-screen keyboard's default alphabetical layout driving you insane? Would you prefer a more standard QWERTY keyboard? Good news! You can switch your input method quickly and easily, just follow our detailed instructions.
    • USB Compatibility for the Xbox 360
      Xbox 360 storage capabilities are here! Xbox owners can now use USB headsets, Flash drives for storage, and much more!
    • Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter Bypass Guide
      Want to connect your Xbox 360 wirelessly to the Internet but don't want to have to splash out for the official Microsoft Wireless Network Adapter? Bright Hub shows you how a wireless-equipped laptop or desktop with Windows XP, Vista or 7 can make a great substitute for the wireless adapter.
    • Exploring the Xbox 360 Slim
      One of Microsoft's biggest and most unexpected E3 announcements was the release of a new version of the Xbox 360. Known as the Xbox 360 S or Slim, this new model is smaller than previous versions. This article explores the internals of the new Xbox 360 console.
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