Account Bound System in World of Warcraft

Account Bound System in World of Warcraft
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Account Bound System

Along with patch 3.02 Blizzard began a new system. Blizzard is experimenting with a new account bound system. Better known as heirloom quality items, they are not soul bound to the once individual toon, but bound to the account. Account bound items can only be transferred in the same realm, of course. They can be mailed to other toons of the same faction on the same account. On the other hand, Soulbound items can only be used by one player and have to be either vendored or disenchanted. Then the disenchanted article can be sold at the auction house, or used in enchanting. In addition, soulbound items cannot be mailed.

Soul bound articles can be frustrating for the high leveled, fully geared player. No one wants to vendor a sword that they worked hard for. No worries for domination: Blizzard has put a cap on stats, and that way, a level 6 toon cannot and will not be able to use a level 70 weapon. Just as a level 6 toon cannot use a level 70 weapon the same level 6 toon cannot wear level 70 armor.

Account Bound Items

Where do you find account bound items? Let’s take a look: The BlizzCon polar bear mount, obviously, is from BlizzCon, 2008. It was also given away to Direct TV viewers who viewed BlizzCon in 2008 on Pay Per View. The polar bear mount comes complete with a murloc holding a flag. In 2005, BlizzCon gave every attending guest a Blue Murloc Egg. In 2007, BlizzCon distributed a murloc costume. The Big Bear Achievement is from BlizzCon 2008. These were distributed one per account.

Frosty is currently available in the WOTLK expansion pack. He is a blue baby dragonkin, and is non combatible. On the instructions to the installation is the code that unlocks Frosty. He then appears in all of the toon’s mailboxes on the account - horde or alliance.

Tyrael’s Hilt was given to those attending the 2008 World of Warcraft convention in Paris. It teaches a toon to summon a small yellow cat like creature.

If lucky enough, a player might be able to obtain the Netherwhelp’s collar. These were part of the Burning Cursade Collector’s Edition. It teaches a toon to summon a non combatable blue netherwhelp.

There’s also a chance of acquiring Diablo’s Stone. This is available in the collector’s edition of World of Warcraft. Also available in the collector’s edition of World of Warcraft is the Zergling Leash. But this is obtained in a different manner. Different races can obtain this noncombatible pet by doing quests in the area of their race. The list is sent in ingame-mail, in a gift box. It begins the quest Welcome! The quest reward is the noncombatible pet. A player may also have the choice of a panda.

Check Your ingame Mail

For those who log in during World of Warcraft’s 4th birthday this month, check your ingame mail. There is a baby Blizzard bear in every player’s account. When the player clicks on the polar bear, the bear goes immediately into the toon’s pet tab. This is available for both factions. Now you have the list, and know where people got their noncombatible pets, and interesting mounts. What are you waiting for? Hunt down a collector’s edition of WOTLK and reward yourself with an account bound Frosty.

Baby Blizzard Bear