Darkshore WOW Skinning Trainer in Duskwood

Darkshore WOW Skinning Trainer in Duskwood
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Information: Duskwood

Though its exterior is reminiscent of Undead settlements, Duskwood is a heavily dominated Alliance country, making this a safe place for Alliance players to skin monsters. Duskwood is also dominated by two separate mobs: the undead and wolves. Skinners can easily build stacks of light leather in less than 30 minutes, depending on their level.

Several quests also also available in Duskwood and its biggest city, Darkshire, which require players to kill skinnable mobs. The variety of skinnable wildlife and the availability of quests make Darkshire is an excellent place to level up. This is the best skinning location for Alliance members who want to farm light leathers.

Duskwood Skinning Locations: The Hushed Bank

Directly west of Raven Hill is a huge breeding ground for wolves–namely, Starving Dire Wolves and Rabid Dire Wolves. At around level 20 they are easy kills for players even at low levels, dropping usually one or two light leathers per kill. They are also widely spread throughout this area, making this a prime area for WoW skinners to solo these beasts. Their aggro is lower compared to the higher level monsters in the area.

WoW skinners in this area of Duskwood can easily bring their skinning level to 200 just from skinning these monsters.

Skinning Location: The Hushed Bank, located directly west of Raven Hill in Duskwood.

Skinning Mobs: Starving Dire Wolves and Rabid Dire Wolves.

Dangers: Alliance WoW players also crowd this area because of quests, and may clear the mobs before you reach them.

Duskwood Skinning Locations: Twilight Grove


Around the southeastern corner of Twilight Grove in Duskwood is another area rich with wolves, called Young Ravengers and Ravengers. Their levels are around 25 and are more aggressive, making them more difficult to kill. Thankfully, these monsters are spread out throughout this region, and the chances of being double-teamed is very low.

These wolves drop more valuable leathers also, and skilled WoW players can farm a stack of light or medium leathers in under an hour.

Skinning Location: Outside of the southeastern circle of mountains guarding Twilight Grove in Darkshore.

Skinning Mobs: Young Ravengers and Ravengers, black-colored wolves.

Dangers: It may be a challenge to kill for WoW skinners under level 23, especially if they are not properly geared.


For new skinners to the region, sticking with The Hushed Bank is great for leveling up skinning fast. Serious gold farmers should stick with the mobs near the Twilight Grove, however, which yield an equal number of light and medium leathers. Either way, Duskwood is a must skin territory for Alliance players.

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