World of Warcraft Skinning the Best Monsters in Darkshore

World of Warcraft Skinning the Best Monsters in Darkshore
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Information: Darkshore

Darkshore is arguably one of the best areas in Kalimdor to farm light leathers. Nearly all of the mobs are skinnable and yield one or two light leathers per monster, making it easy to build several stacks within an hour.

Although most of the mobs are spread out within the forests of Darkshore, there tend to gather in several key areas. WoW skinners can easily farm light leathers from these locations without running out of monsters to skin.

The only disadvantages to skinning in Darkshore is it is an Alliance country–Horde skinners should go south into The Barrens if they want to farm leathers.

Darkshore Skinning Locations: Grove of the Ancients

Slightly south of the Grove of the Ancients lies a side path filled with Grizzled Thistle Bears and Giant Foreststriders, a key place for skinners in Darkshore. Both are fairly easy mobs to kill, but be careful when attacking Thistle Bears–they often are surrounded by one or two other bears that are not afraid to attack.

Both mobs drop one or two light leathers, and the occasional light hide.

Skinning Location: The area slightly southwest of the Grove of the Ancients. The area is on the opposite side of Grimclaw, a NPC that resembles a white bear.

Skinning Mobs: Mostly Grizzled Thistle Bears, with some Foreststriders and forest wildlife.

Dangers: Being double-teamed by the thistle bears is very likely, and can easily overpower a low level player. Not a horde-friendly area.

Darkshore Skinning Locations: Ameth’Aran


The area just south of Ameth’Aran in central Darkshore is another excellent location for farming light leathers and light hides. This area rarely sees any WoW players, leaving the area open to any skinners.

Like the first area, thistle bears dominate this region. Moonstalkers and Foreststrider Fledgelings also occupy area, mostly around the border of Ameth’Aran. All mobs tend to drop single light leathers or light hides.

Skinning Location: The area directly south of Ameth’Aran in Darkshore, expanding halfway towards The Grove of the Ancients.

Skinning Mobs: Mostly Rabid Thistle Bears, with a smaller population of Moonstalkers and Foreststrider Fledgelings.

Dangers: Again, the bears like to double-team any WoW players. Always be aware of your surroundings when skinning here. Also, this area is slightly horde-friendly because it is a good distance away from Alliance settlements.

Darkshore Skinning Locations: Bashal’Aran


The wooded area running north of Bashal’Aran to the Cliffspring River in Darkshore also has a variety of Rabid Thistle Bears, Foreststriders, and Moonwalkers. Unlike the other areas, however, the mobs are more spread out, making it easier for lower level WoW skinners to solo this area without being attacked by other monsters.

The bears drop one or two light leathers, whereas the other mobs drop single leathers or hides. Building stacks of leathers here is slower because the mobs are more spread out.

Skinning Area: The area directly north of Bashal-Aral extending to the Cliffspring River, south of the Tower of Althalaxx.

Skinning Mobs: An even mixture of Rabid Thistle Bears, Foreststriders, and Moonwalkers.

Dangers: There is a furbolg camp in the area, and WoW players can easily get attacked by them if they are not careful. This area also hosts a couple of Alliance quests, so low level Alliance players are likely to kill the mobs, reducing your ability to collect leathers.


WoW players farming light leathers in Darkshore should focus on the Ameth’Aran and Grove of the Ancients areas for leveling up without the interruption of other WoW players. Bashal’Aran is a great spot to farm leathers while completing other quests, however. Again, this place is very Alliance-friendly and is a terrible place for Horde players. The Barrens are a better, safer choice for them.

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