World of Warcraft Dual Spec Feature Will Benefit The Hybrid Classes Most

World of Warcraft Dual Spec Feature Will Benefit The Hybrid Classes Most
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Counting The Minutes Until The WOW Dual Spec Feature Is Released

Like millions of obsessed World of Warcraft fans, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Dual Class spec feature. I am a Resto Shaman who raids 3-4 times per week and participates in battlegrounds and arena during my off-days. Since I am still saving up for my epic flying mount, I don’t have money to shell out on respeccing my character for any activities outside of the commitments to my guild. In addition, I’m saving up the required 1,000 gold so that I can take advantage of this feature when it first launches.

Resto Shaman

Life As A Shaman Is About To Be More Fun!

My mind has been swimming with the possibilities in which my in game life as a Shaman will change as the result of being able to move between two different specs. Daily quests should progress more quickly once I’m able to switch over to one of the other DPS builds. It will also be nice to change roles during occasions when we have more healers show up to a raid than needed. Not only will this serve as an antidote to my boredom, but it will help the group clear dungeons much faster. It is definitely a win-win.

Paladins and Druids Have A Reason To Be Excited

I know that if I am this excited about the new Dual Spec Feature, then my fellow hybrid classes of Paladin and Druid must be ecstatic as well. Both Paladins and Druids have the opportunity to be one of the most essential members of any party or raid by either spec’ing as a healer or tank. One of the reasons I’ve rolled a healer on two different toons is because of how few there seemed to be when trying to group for instances as I was leveling. Since that time, tanks have become an even hotter commodity. Once Druids and Paladins have the freedom to switch over to the role that is most needed at the time, this will allow them and others to continue on in groups that might have otherwise been shut down. Of course they still have the option to keep a DPS spec as one of their chosen two, which is an added luxury that none of us have experienced in the past.

Death Knights Will Also Feel The Love

Death Knights will also find joy (if that is possible for one so evil) in having the ability to switch between two different specs. I have an Unholy Death Knight in my 3v3 team and he often remarks about his impatience for dual specs so that he can change up his talent spend for those moments when he enters Arena. Since he is also a member of my guild, he is hesitant to spend the money to respec since a majority of our time in game is spent raiding.

Other Classes Can Also Celebrate

Just because we hybrid classes have the opportunity to make the most of this new duality, that doesn’t mean the other classes won’t reap the rewards of this new feature as well. Though my 71 Warlock has spent most of her game time played as Affliction, I recently put a majority of her talent points into the Demonology tree for faster leveling. Though this spec also works well in a PVP environment, I’ll want to redistribute talent points for an increase in DPS and hit rating when I begin raiding with this character again. Though I am in complete support of all classes having the ability to Dual Spec, there are others who feel that this only benefits hybrid classes and jeopardizes the integrity of those that are pure DPS such as Mages, Rogues, Hunters, and Warlocks. Tobold recently added a post to his blog discussing this point of view. Some feel as though this is another step that Blizzard is taking to make the game less complicated by allowing hybrid specs to transform into the role most needed at the time. However, I completely disagree. I’ve seen many raids come to a screeching halt because we didn’t have the right group composition to proceed. Regardless of how committed players may be when it comes to seeing end game content and conquering achievements, real life can often prevent attendance. When you have a core group of 25 people constantly depending on each other, it can be a slippery slope. Though I agree that I love being challenged, I dislike the frustration that comes from having to end a raid because there are not enough healers, tanks, and in some cases even DPS to continue further. In the end, I think it is indisputable that the ability to have two different specs brings with it more advantages than disadvantages to all classes.

Druid and Warlock

Blizzard Continues To Prove Why They Are #1

I think Blizzard’s decision to enable World of Warcraft players to dual spec is brilliant! Not only does it give players an opportunity for a more robust experience with their toon but it revitalizes interest in heroic dungeons and Naxx raids since people will be on a mission to acquire a second set of gear. I often see comments in trade and general chat about the excitement players are feeling towards this new feature. It will literally change how the game has been played since its birth over 4 years ago. I think this will also help eliminate the boredom that comes from playing the same character multiple days a week while also enhancing the group experience. Changes such as these are what keep me coming back and logging on. As is custom with Blizzard, we don’t know when the feature will be added but I’m waiting with bated breath.