An Overview of the Upcoming Dual Talent Spec in Patch 3.1 in WoW

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Dual Talent Spec - Can It Be True?

Yes it can and it is soon to be a reality when patch 3.1 is released supposedly in mid to late March 2009. This update means that any player who is level 80 will have the ability to pay some gold and get a dual talent spec - so that you can easily switch back and forth from one talent tree to another without paying tons of your gold each time. Supposedly, you can simply head to a Lexicon of Power to change over your talent spec, and it won’t cost you a dime, ‘er, gold coin.

So, how exactly to do get this dual talent spec? Well, from what’s released about it right now, you head to your class trainer, pay a set fee, and learn another talent tree. How sweet is that? You will also be able to set up a completely new set of glyphs and change your hotbars up to accommodate that talent spec so you aren’t taking the time each switch up to redo your hotkeys and bars or replace glyphs to help you out with that spec. To me, this is so awesome, as it means that I no longer have to spend a snot load of gold to respec from Shadow to Holy on my priest. Oh, I can’t wait.

Q&A With Blizzard - The Overview

So, I went through and read the Q&A that was done with the Blizzard developer Ghostcrawler about this new dual talent spec. Yes, it’s a bit hard to follow at times and I got a bit irritated at the layout. So, to keep all of you loyal readers from getting in the same mess that I was, let me lay it all out in an overview for you so that you can easily get the answers you want without the mess…

For those that aren’t sure what “dual talent spec” means for you, this means that you will have the ability to choose two different talent trees at the same time for your level 80 toon. So, you can spec as both a healer and DPS class, or as a Tank and DPS class, and so on - simply by paying a set fee at your trainer.

Yes, you do have to be level 80 to gain this ability. While this may not seem fair to some of the lower level players, it really is as those that are level 80 have worked long and hard to get where they are and should be rewarded for their work. Also, those that are level 80 know the pains of paying to respec for a raid and costing them out the rear to do so just so they can get in on some good gear and fun. So, this will help to save you time and money in the long run, and give those lower level players something else to work for.

Once the dual talent spec is released, and players have reached level 80, you will have to head into a larger city and find a Lexicon of Power to switch back and forth between your chosen talent specs. Also, it’s rumored that Scribes will be able to create a new item that will allow players to summon a Lexicon of Power for them to change their spec at any location - instead of searching one out in a city and then having to head all the way back to a raid or arena. Now, they are still deciding on whether the item that Scribes will be able to make are reusable or if they are used up after one time. (I would put money, or gold, on the side of it being used up after one time.)

What about gear? There are so many different sets of gear that compliment healing, tanking, DPS, and more, so will you have to carry everything with you all the time? I don’t think so actually. Blizzard is working on setting up a “Gear Manager” that will allow you an easier switch over to gear when you change your talent spec, so this will help make the transition easier than heading to your bank and getting new gear out each time.

As for Hunters, don’t fret about your pets yet. Blizzard is trying to cover this area as well, and is going to be putting in a new ability that will allow you to get to your stables from anywhere, just with a long cooldown. But, this way you can change out pets, retrain them and everything else you need from your current position in the game, and you won’t have to find a stable keeper to do it.

While there is going to be a lot more to the dual talent spec in World of Warcraft’s 3.1 patch, they are still keeping some of it under wraps. So, make sure that you check back with us here at Bright Hub, as we’ll have you covered when it comes to this new patch and information!