Gaining Reputation with the Ogri'la Ogres - World of Warcraft Ogri'la Mini Guide Part 3

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Gaining reputation with the Ogri’la ogres…

Now that you know a bit about the lore and the currency of the ogres of Ogri’la, let’s move on to the quests that you will need to complete to gain reputation with them and purchase some of the cool items that they offer. To start off gaining reputation with them, head to Shattrath City and into Lower City.

The quest line begins here in Lower City and you will then be sent out to find Mog’dorg the Wizened in the Blades Edge Mountains. Mog’dorg will then give you three quests that will have you destroy the three Sons of Gruul, which are “Grulloc Has Two Skulls”, “Maggoc’s Treasure Chest”, and “Even Gronn Have Standards”. Now, you will need a good five man team to do these quests, which means that you need to have players that know what they are doing and can do their jobs well. Once you have a good team and you have done these three quests, you will all return to Mog’dorg to turn them in and he will send you on two more quests that will take your five man team to complete. Once you do these two quests, you will be neutral with Ogri’la so that you can go to the village and get the quests there to continue gaining reputation.

You will want to do all of the quests that are available to you in both the Skyguard base and the Ogri’la village, even those that you need five man teams for. Here is why: when you do all of these quests, you will then open up all of the daily repeatable quests that you can do to gain great reputation and rewards with the Ogri’la ogres. When you are neutral, you can only unlock three daily quests, but each give 500 reputation points, so you can get to friendly fairly quickly. Also, these three daily quests all give 15 Apexis shards when you complete them as well, so you can start saving up for sweet items. The three daily quests that you will be able to get at neutral are: “The Relic’s Emanation”, “Wrangle Some Aether Rays!”, and “Bombing Run”.

Do these daily quests until you get up to honored with the Ogri’la ogres. Once you do, you will get one more daily, “Banish the Demons”. When you get to honored, you will also be able to do the Shartuul event which will also push up your reputation with them by a mile and give you some great loot and Apexis shards. Also, while you are out doing your daily quests for Ogri’la, you will come across an item that is called a Depleted Crystal Focus. When you combine this item with 10 Apexis shards, it becomes a Charged Crystal Focus. It looks like a Health Stone, and can be used as one, but you want to save this for the Shartuul event where you need to use these to enhance the demon that is under your control. You will learn a bit more about what these Charged Crystal Focus' do in the tool tip for the quest from Kronk in Ogri’la when you do the Shartuul event.

In the next installment of this mini guide, we will go over the reputation and quest rewards that you will get from honored up to exalted.

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