World of Warcraft "Fear of Boring" and "Motes" Therazane Daily Quest Guide

World of Warcraft "Fear of Boring" and "Motes" Therazane Daily Quest Guide
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Raising your faction standing with Therazane in Deepholm is a great way to pick up not only some powerful jewelry for your World of Warcraft character, but also some unique shoulder enchants unavailable through other means.

As most WoW players know, the best way to gain faction points is to do daily quests for that faction, and Therazane has many such quests to offer.

Part one of our guide to Therazane daily quests will cover the daily quests given by Felsen the Enduring: “Fear of Boring” and “Motes.” Find out where to get them, how to do them, and where to turn them in in our full guide.

Felsen the Enduring

You’ll find Felsen the Enduring due South of The Stonemother herself at Therazane’s Throne in Northern Deepholm. Therazane and Felsen stare at one another across the plateau where you’ll find the Therazane Quartermaster. To accept the quests, you must speak to Felsen.

He’ll offer you “Fear of Boring” and “Motes.” Accept them, then head due South toward the waypoints that have now appeared on your map.

“Fear of Boring”

The Scoured Reach

As you fly South from Therazane’s Throne, you’ll need to descend through the mist. Eventually, you’ll notice a gaping hole in the ground surrounded by ridges of rock.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the Scoured Reach.

The object of “Fear of Boring” is to eliminate ten of the Gyreworms that infest the area. You can find these worms both inside and around the outside of the hole. Since you’ll have to clear them out of your way to complete “Motes” anyway, though, it makes sense to kill the ones inside the cavern below.

Not all of the Gyreworms are visible, some move underground. To find and eliminate these subterranean worms, you’ll want to look out for the telltale dust and rock cloud that lingers above them. If you run into one of these clouds, the worm will surface and you’ll be attacked immediately. Keep this in mind as you wander through the cavern.

The Gyreworms have a signature Earth Spike attack that will deal heavy damage when cast. While the graphic for this attack can be dodged, the damage cannot.

There are two varieties of gyreworm: Gorged Gyreworms and plain old Gyreworms. There is little difference between the two statistically, but the Gorged variety tend to move slowly and remain above ground, while you’ll usually find the plain old worms after you’ve walked through a dust cloud and lured them out of hiding.

Colossal Gyreworm

As you complete both quests, there is one major obstacle you should be aware of: The Colossal Gyreworm. You’ll find it as you round the first bend in the cavern. The Colossal Gyreworm winds it way through the cavern in a circular pattern, never changing its course.

If you cross paths with this creature, you’ll be swept along with it and take damage.

The best way to avoid it on the way in is to wait until it passes you, then hop on your mount and chase it until you come to a large open area on the right. Wait in here until it catches up and passes again, then follow it into the large open chamber and the rest of the caverns.

Getting out is much easier, as you can just follow the Gyreworm over the small hill to your right and run out of the cavern.



While you’re wandering through the caverns killing Gyreworms, you may want to keep an eye out for sparkling Painite Shards located throughout the area. Right clicking on these bad boys will allow you to harvest a Painite Mote. Collect ten of these and you’ll have everything you need to complete the “Motes” quest.

If you’re not seeing any shards, keep searching. This cavern can get somewhat crowded, and it can take a little while to find shards that haven’t already been plundered by other players.

Still, they respawn quickly, and with a little perseverance, you should have a bag full of Painite Motes in no time.

Back to Therazane’s Throne

Once you’ve collected ten Painite Motes, defeated ten Gyreworms, and managed to avoid the Colossal Gyreworm on your way out, head back to Felsen at Therazane’s Throne.

Felsen will be pleased to see you, no matter how many times you’ve previously completed these exact two tasks.

Your reward for each quest is over ten gold and 250+ Therazane reputation. Not a bad payoff for killing a few worms and picking up a few rocks, is it?


All screenshots and references from World of Warcraft.

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