Gaining Ogri'la Reputation: World of Warcraft Ogri'la Mini Guide Part 2

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Apexis shards and crystals do what?

Now that you are in Ogri’la, you know how to get there, you know what the Ogri’la ogres are about, and a bit about their history, you can start to see how they work and what you need to do to get in their good graces. In the first part of this mini guide, we started to talk about the Apexis shards and crystals and what they are used for when it comes to reputation and currency with the Ogri’la ogres. Let’s get a little bit more into that so you will know exactly what else they are used for beside currency in the village.

You already know that the Apexis shards and crystals are the currency of the Ogri’la ogres, the shards are pretty common to find and use, but the crystals are much harder to get and can usually only be gathered from the dragons and demons that are in the same zone where the Orgi’la ogres are. You will actually have to have a full team of 5 people to get a crystal from one of these demons or dragons, and you also have to have 35 shards to summon one of these mobs as well. The good thing is that once defeated, each party member gets to loot one crystal for their time and work, which makes up for it, trust me. To actually get the rare and epic quality items from Ogri’la vendors, you will have to have crystals to purchase them – so undertaking the task of gathering them can be worth the trouble.

Players who are working on their Orgi’la reputation will also need Apexis shards to get special items for extremely rare vendors that only appear after a specific raid quest. Here is the low down: you need a full 25 man raid party for this quest and you will need to protect a group of Sha’tari Skyguard as they launch an attack on the Bash’ir Landing to the northeast of the Ogri’la village. There will be three different waves of attacks here on the NPCs that you have to defend. You want to make sure that the NPCs stay alive during these attacks. If all of the NPCs are killed, then the raid ends and you have to wait another two hours for the attack to begin again. Each different wave will have a boss that you will have to kill as well and they get harder as they go, with the third one being the hardest.

Once the boss for each wave is defeated, a special rare vendor will appear that will sell items to those who are in the raid party and who have the Apexis shards to purchase things from them. The first vendor will sell special flasks that you can not find anywhere else, the second vendor will sell rare gems, and the third vendor will sell rare meta gems. Any of these objects can bring you tons of gold on the auction house if you do not need them, or can add great things to your current gear.

In the next installment to this mini guide, we will talk about gaining reputation with Ogri’la and where you will start.

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