How To Gain Aldor Reputation: World of Warcraft Mini Guide to Gaining Aldor Reputation - Part 2

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From honored to exalted and beyond…

After you have done your daily quests, grinded it out for Marks of Kil’jaeden, and turned them in for your reputation, and finally hit that awesome honored mark, then the game changes a bit. To move on toward the exalted mark with Aldor, you will now start turning in Marks of Sargeras just like you did the Marks of Kil’jaeden for your reputation. You will need about 250 of these Marks of Sargeras as well, so be prepared to grind it out for them as well.

To get the Marks of Sargeras that you will need to get to exalted, you will need to grind on the higher level Burning Legion mobs to gain the marks that you need. Now, when you turn in the Marks of Sargeras for reputation, you will find that you will get a bit larger rise in reputation, but you also have further to go to get to exalted. One of the best places to grind for the Marks of Sargeras is in Death’s Door in the Blade’s Edge Mountains as there are tons of Burning Legion mobs that gather here and drop these marks at a decent rate. Also, when you do instances in the Outland, you will also get some Marks and the bosses at the end will give you tokens that you can then turn in for epic gear. Aldor players can turn their tokens in to Kelara or Asuur in the Shrine of Unending Light.

Aldor players can also gain Fel Armaments and turn them in to Ishanah in the Shrine. Each armament will give you 350 reputation points, which is a great gain, and will also give you Holy Dust, which you will need to trade in for shoulder enchantments from Inscriber Saalyn in the Aldor Bank. But, you always want to do the daily quests as well to help raise your reputation as quickly as possible and still gain gold and loot as well. You will find that as you do these daily quests, you will also get other marks that Scryer players will need for their reputation points and you can then sell them for some good gold on the auction house.

To gather up the daily quests, you simply need to go through Shattrath City and pick them all up. Once you gather them up, start heading out and doing them. They do not take long, maybe around an hour if you just go out and do nothing but these daily quests.

In the next part of this mini guide, we will talk about the inscriptions that Aldor offers and some of the perks that they offer for players as well.

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