Improve Your Argent Dawn Reputation with WoW Argent Dawn Quests

Improve Your Argent Dawn Reputation with WoW Argent Dawn Quests
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Who Are the Argent Dawn?

The 1,500 members of the Argent Dawn consider themselves to be the main protectors of Azeroth against evil, such as the Scourge and the Burning Legion. Its camps are scattered throughout Lordaeron, particularly in Tirisfal Glades, the Western Plaguelands, and the Eastern Plaguelands.

Though members of the Argent Dawn often kill undead and ogres, they seem to have no problem with other members of the Horde. In fact, their main goal is to unite the residents of Azeroth against what they consider evil, so they tend to treat both Horde and Alliance equally…well, as equally as humans can.

Who Leads Argent Dawn?

Argent Dawn’s main leader is level 62 human Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, who resides at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands. Leaders under Tyrosus include the following:

• Level 60 human Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, also located at Light’s Hope Chapel.

• Level 61 Elite human Commander Ashlam Valorfist at Chillwind Point in the Western Plaguelands.

• Level 60 human High Priestess MacDonnell, also located at Chillwind Point.


Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff

Commander Ashlam Valorfist

High Priestess MacDonnell

What About My Reputation?

Those who earn the favor of the Argent Dawn will be rewarded. Just like any other World of Warcraft organization, you can improve your Argent Dawn reputation simply by completing quests for them, killing plenty of monsters along the way. Work your way up from the bottom, starting at Friendly and then Honored, finally progressing to Revered, and ending with Exalted status.

You might wonder why your WoW Argent Dawn rep is important. Consider the following reasons:

• The higher your Argent Dawn reputation is, the more items you can buy from the group’s vendors.

• You can also gain Insignias of the Dawn and Insignias of the Crusade–the higher your reputation, the higher the discount you will receive. Turning in craftsman’s writs is a great way to earn these as well.

• Once you are either Exalted or Revered with Argent Dawn, you can learn recipes for your craft when you find Master Craftsman Omarion in Naxxramas.

Who Do I Have to Kill Around Here to Get Some Reputation?

While you are working your way up to Exalted status, have some fun killing monsters, but make sure you’re killing the right ones. Doing the right WoW Argent Dawn quests and killing the right characters is the only way to ensure you will be rewarded. You can improve your Argent Dawn reputation until you attain the Honored rating by getting rid of the following:

• Elite undead in Scholomance and Stratholme

• Undead creatures found in both Eastern and Western Plaguelands

• Wizards of the Cult of the Damned, found in Eastern Plaguelands

• Troops found on the Scourge Invasion

Does My Argent Dawn Reputation Matter at Level 80?

Gaining Argent Dawn reputation is beneficial for all levels and classes. Many level 80 players seek the highest WoW Argent Dawn rep available: the “Exalted” status. In fact, once you become Exalted with both the Argent Dawn and the newer Argent Crusade, you will receive the achievement of “Argent Crusader.” The title of “Argent Champion” and the “Argent Dawn Commission” badge are also worth gaining a high rep with Argent Dawn, no matter what level you are.

The chance of picking up the Baron Rivendare’s rare mount in Stratholme is another reward. The drop rate is 1%, and although rumors that one has to be Exalted with Argent Dawn to get it are unconfirmed, many players going after this sought after item end up with high Argent Dawn reputation after their many attempts.

Argent Dawn has been around since the beginning of WoW, surviving two expansions. However, WoW Argent Dawn quests are still popular with players of every level, due to the multitudes of rewards afforded by attaining high reputation.

Argent Dawn Commission Trinket

How Can the Argent Dawn be Summed Up?

The Argent Dawn is known for using magic to defeat evil, and also for being careful to keep all of its members alive. Not only does the Argent Dawn protect its members, but the group is also constantly recruiting. As long as your goal is to protect Azeroth from evil, and you show it by completing the appropriate quests, you will win Argent Dawn reputation.

No matter your level, WoW Argent Dawn quests and their rewards can improve your gaming experience in World of Warcraft.

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