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The Path to Exalted

After completing the Epic quest line (and I don’t mean Epic as in special or fun, unfortunately) you have finally unlocked the five Sons of Hodir dailies for the Friendly reputation level (three are available at Neutral). Congratulations, at this rate, you will be Honored in eight days. Fortunately, you can speed up this process by doing item turn ins.

Turn-in Items

Everfrost Chips - Everfrost Chips can be found in the Eastern regions of the Storm Peaks. Much like the Netherwing Eggs of Outland, Everfrost Chips can be turned in for reputation gains with the Sons of Hodir. You must be Friendly in order to use / turn in these items. Each Chip is worth 350 reputation.

Relic of Ulduar - Relics of Ulduar are random drops off of mobs killed in the Storm Peaks. 10 of them can be turned in, starting at the Neutral reputation, for 250 reputation per turn-in.


In addition to item turn-ins, you can do daily quests for the Sons of Hodir in order to build reputation.

Neutral Dailies

Hot and Cold - By Frostfield lake, kill the Brittle Revenants and loot 5 Essence of Ice. Head towards where Fjorn’s Anvil used to be. Along the way you will see scraps of metal (little black “things”). Right click the Essence of Ice to use them on the metal scraps, then loot them (you’ll need five). Go back west to where the Anvil is now and complete the quest.

Blowing Hodir’s Horn - Go to Thunderfall (north of Frostfield Lake) and kill five Niffelem Forefathers and five Restless Frostborn. Blow Hodir’s Horn over their corpses.

Friendly Dailies

Polishing the Helm - Go west of Dun Niffelem, kill the passive Viscous Oils and loot the five units. Return to Dun Niffelem and apply the oil to Hodir’s Helm.

Honored and Revered Dailies

Honored Dailies

Spy Hunter - Use the Ethereal Worg’s Fang at the Corpse of the Fallen Worg (57, 63), follow the wolf around and kill the Dwarves he finds. Repeat three times.

Thrusting Hodir’s Spear - Throw the spear at a Wild Wyrm (usually flying West of Dun Niffelem). This will cause you to “mount” the Wyrm (though in actuality, you’re gripping to its belly). You have vehicle abilities during this phase. You will lose “grip points” over time, so keep using ability 1, “Tighten Grip” to maintain your grasp, lets you plummet to your death. Use “3” (Thrust Spear) to deal steady damage to the Wyrm. When you see it start to use its Claw attack use “2” (Dodge Claw). Immediately follow that with “4” (Mighty Spear Thrust). When the Wyrm reaches 25% health, you will enter phase 2, and at this point you’ll be in the Wyrm’s mouth. You’ll now have two abilities. Use “Pry Jaws Open” repeatedly to stack a minimum of 10 times. You will be taking constant damage, so keep applying the Pry debuff until you think you can’t sustain any more damage. Then, use Fatal Strike to finish off the Wyrm and bring him down.

Revered Dailies

Feeding Arngrim - Approach a Roaming Jormungur and throw the Arngrim’s Tooth at it. Fight it for a little while til it is low health, then Arngrim’s Spirit will eat it.


If you do nothing but the quests, and do them every single day, then you will reach Exalted within 27 days of becoming Neutral. The best method for reaching exalted is farming / buying turn-in items in addition to doing the daily quests. For your efforts you will be able to obtain the following items at each reputation level:


Arcanum of the Frosty Soul - Frost Resist/Stamina Head Enchant

Giant Ring Belt - Mail Hunter/Shaman Belt (78)

Lesser Inscription of the Crag/Pinnacle/Storm/Axe - Shoulder Enchants

Pattern: Mammoth Mining Bag - Leatherworking Pattern for 32 Slot Mining Bag

Spaulders of Frozen Knives - Leather Melee Shoulders (78)


Reins of the Ice Mammoth - Mount (150)

Broken Stalactite - Melee Dagger - 1H (80)

Giant-Friend Kilt - Leather Caster Legs (80)

Spaulders of the Giant Lords - Plate Melee Shoulders (80)

Stalactite Chopper - 1H melee Axe (80)


Greater Incription of the Axe/Crag/Pinnacle/Storm - Better Shoulder Enchant

Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth - Vehicle (150)

Design: Smooth Autumn’s Glow - Jewelcrafting Recipe for 16 crit rating yellow gem

Pattern: Glacial Bag - Tailoring Recipe for 22 Slot bag

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