Getting Friendly with the Sons of Hodir - Gaining Sons of Hodir Reputation

Getting Friendly with the Sons of Hodir - Gaining Sons of Hodir Reputation
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In WoW: Wrath of the Lich King, the Sons of Hodir is a faction of warrior frost giants found in the Storm Peaks of Northrend, in an area known as Dun Niffelem.

While there isn’t much in the way of an exciting story or lore behind these guys, it is necessary for everyone that is not an inscriptionist to gain reputation with the Sons of Hodir for the simple fact that they are your only source for shoulder enchants. The quest chain to even begin building reputation with the Sons of Hodir is a long one, but in the end the rewards are worth it.

The Quest Chain

The path to Exalted with the Sons of Hodir begins in a roundabout way.

Your first step begins at K3, from the humble goblin Gretchen Fizzlespark.

Beginning Quest Line - Quests 1 through 18 - of a total of 33

1. They Took Our Men! - Rescue 5 goblin prisoners from Sifreldar Village.

2. Leave No Goblin Behind - Look for clues of Zeev Fizzlespark in the Forlorn Mine

3. The Crone’s Bargain - Retrieve the Runes for Lok’lira the Crone.

4. Mildred the Cruel - Speak to Mildred outside the mine.

  1. Discipline - Use the Disciplining Rod on six Vrykul.

6. Examples to be Made - Slay Garhal for Mildred.

7. A Certain Prisoner - Take the key to the Crone.

8. A Change of Scenery - Meet the Crone at Brunnhildar Village.

9. Is That Your Goblin? - Fight Agnetta Tyrsdottar to save Zeev Fizzlespark.

10. The Hyldsmeet - Listen to the Crone

11. Taking on All Challengers - Defeat 6 Victorious Challengers.

12. You’ll Need a Bear - Speak to Brijana.

13. Going Bearback - Shoot 7 Frostworgs and 15 Frost Giants in the Valley of Ancient Winters from the back of Icefang.

14. Cold Hearted - Free 3 Captured Proto-Drakes and rescue 9 Brunnhildar Prisoners.

15. Deemed Worthy - Speak with Astrid Bjornrittar in Brunnhildar Village.

16. Making a Harness - Get 3 Icemane Yeti Hides.

17. The Last of Her Kind - Rescue an Icemaw Matriarch in the Hibernal Cavern for Astrid Bjornrittar, in Brunnhildar Village.

18. The Warm-Up - Defeat Kirgaraak.

Continuation of Quest Line - Quests 16 - 33

19. Into the Pit - Defeat 6 Hyldsmeet Warbears.

20. Prepare for Glory - Speak to Lok’lira the Crone.

21. Lok’lira’s Parting Gift - Speak to Gretta the Arbiter.

22. The Drakkensryd - Use the Hyldnir Harpoon on 10 Hyldsmeet Drakeriders and a Column Ornament.

23. Sibling Rivalry - Listen to Thorim’s Story.

24. Mending Fences - Kill Fjorn and 5 Stormforged Iron Giants at Fjorn’s Anvil. Note: While you are doing this quest an item, Slag Covered Metal, will drop off of the Stormforged Giants. This item begins a quest (Level 77).

25. The Refiner’s Fire - This quest is started by the Slag Covered Metal. Collect 10 Furious Sparks from the Seething Revenants, then use Fjorn’s Anvil.

26. A Spark of Hope - Bring the Refined Gleaming Ore to Thorim.

27. Forging an Alliance - Ask King Jokkum to allow Thorim’s armor to be reforged.

28. A New Beginning - Take the Reforged Armor to Thorim.

29. Veranus - Obtain 5 Small Proto-Drake Eggs.

30. Territorial Trespass - Place the Stolen Proto-Dragon Eggs on top of the Broodmother’s Nest.

31. At this point you need to complete the quests “In Memoriam”, “A Monument to the Fallen”, and “Jormuttar is Soo Fat…”, all from King Jokkum**.** This is because in order to complete the next quest _after_ “Territorial Trespass”, you will need to be **Friendly with the Sons of Hodir.**

32. Krolmir, Hammer of Storms - Talk to King Jokkum.

33. The Terrace of the Makers - Find Thorim at the southeastern edge of the Terrace of the Makers.

Towards the end of this very long, and very arduous quest line you will begin to unlock the Sons of Hodir dailies. By the end you will be friendly and three will be available to you.

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