The Frenzyheart Tribe - A Guide to Gaining Reputation

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Introduction to The Frenzyheart Tribe

Much like the Scryers and Aldor of Burning Crusade, The Frenzyheart Tribe and The Oracles appear to be Wrath of the Lich King’s alternative to a dysfunctional relationship. However, instead of seeking help from an over-paid ‘professional’, they choose to continue their constant battle over the ownership of Sholazar Basin. For a fair-minded player like yourself, a big the decision has to be made; will you get involved in this squabble? And if so, who’s side are you going to take?

If You Decide to Choose The Frenzyheart Tribe

Unfortunately, the process of becoming apart of the Frenzyheart Tribe can be quite time consuming. The quest that allows you to choose between the two Factions leads onto a chain of 25 quests, each with varying levels of difficulty.

The first step is to reach level 76. This is when you will be able to gain the quest Where in the World is Hernet Nesingwary from Archmage Pentarus within Dalaran. You have probably wondered by him many times flying to and from Dalaran via the flight path. He buckles you into his helicopter and sends you on your way to Sholazar Basin. When you arrive you will find a dwarf stuck in a tree (oh blizzard…) and he will tell you to report to the camp where you will be asked to complete several tasks.

You will then be giving a quest to find Tamara Wobblesprocket, who gives you another quest named The Part-time Hunter. You are now on your way to starting the long grind to becoming aligned with The Frenzyheart Tribe. After what seems like a lifetime of questing, who will finally reach the spectacular conclusion to the quest chain. You will then be given a choice between Frenzyheart Champion and Hand of the Oracles.

Gaining Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation

This is the second part to the grind. After completing the above quests, you will become honored with your chosen faction. Then, if you so wish to continue, there are eight daily quests ready for completion. Unfortunately, three are Alliance only and four require level 80. It seems that The Frenzyheart Tribe prefer their high level Gnomes to their lower level Taurens… Nevertheless, each quest offers a minimum of 500 reputation and a maximum of 700. That means the maximum amount of rep available to a Horde player not yet reached 80 is a respectable 2500 per day. Trust me, there are worse grinds!

After all your hard work

The quality of loot for such a big grind can be debatable at times. There is only one epic on offer (which surprisingly only requires level 70) and a bunch of armor that will most likely be replaced as soon as your first raid is complete. Fingers crossed that the Quartermaster, Tanak, will introduce some more worthy goods later on. But for now, we will have to be content with A Disgusting Jar.

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