How to gain Reputation with the Oracles in World of Warcraft

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Introduction to The Oracles

If you are like 99% of World of Warcraft players in their hatred for Murlocs, then your relationship with The Oracles will get off to a rocky start. On the up side (if you can call it that) we are reassured that these are ‘intelligent’ Murlocs and a friendly bunch all round. Yeah right…

The Oracles are fighting to keep the land of their ancestors from the new kids on the block, The Frenzyheart Tribe (who were driven from their own home by some bully named ‘The Scourge’, so they decided to try and drive The Oracles from their home using the same bullying tactics). Didn’t their mother’s tell them never to fight fire with fire?

Therefore, when entering Scolazar Basin, it is up to you as an impartial judge to decide which faction you will legion with: The Oracles or The Frenzyheart Tribe.

If You Decide to Choose The Oracles

If you so wish to receive rep for The Oracles and become Exalted with them (and in turn become Hated by the The Frenzyheart Tribe) then follow the steps below:

  • Talk to Archmage Pentarus within Dalaran. He can be found near the entrance to the flight path area. He will give you a quest named Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary? And don’t worry, you will be given a parachute for the landing!

  • Then go on and complete all quests within this area and soon you will receive the quest you are looking for. You will be sent off to Tamara Wobblesprocket who gives the quest The Part-Time Hunter. This is optional (you could go straight to Tracker Gekgek and receive Playing Along if you so wish to).

  • After completing the mammoth quest chain, you can then choose to complete Hand of the Oracles (for The Oracles Reputation) or Frenzyheart Champion (for The Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation). The names are a giveaway…

What’s Next?

You will now be honored with The Oracles and will have access to eight quests which all give Oracle Reputation (ranging from 500 to 700). Complete these quests until Exalted. I would recommend picking your favorites and completing them over and over again, or simply choosing to complete the ones which give most rep. Like any Rep Grind this one is long, but half the work is done if you have made it this far! He says…


The Oracles Quartermaster goes by the name Geen and looks somewhat like a baby dinosaur. If you have chosen to become allied with The Oracles you will probably have an item in mind you want. Say, for example, you are an avid collector of pets; the Mysterious Egg will be of great interest to you. If not, I’m guessing 9 out of the 10 people who make this grind are going for the trinket. The list of all items available through Oracle Reputation can be found here. Good luck!

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