Wintergrasp PvP Zone Offensive and Attacking Strategies - World of Warcraft (WoW)

Wintergrasp PvP Zone Offensive and Attacking Strategies - World of Warcraft (WoW)
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To combat the problem of uneven teams, the Tenacity buff has been introduced. This will be placed on players if their team has a considerably low amount of members, and is done to even up the numerical difference. One Tenacity buff contains the following:

Health increased by 18%.

Healing taken increased by 18%.

Health regeneration increased by 18%.

Damage dealt increased by 14%.

The higher the difference in teams is, the more stacks of this buff a player will receive. It also effects the vehicles they use, which means it is possible to win a Wintergrasp battle with fewer than 10 people.

Offensive Strategy

If you find yourself in the offensive team, then your main priority is to gain control of at least one of the contested Goblin Workshops. Depending on how many of the opposing team are at the Workshop, you may or may not kill enough to receive a high enough rank to create vehicles. If you are unfortunate and have not made enough kills to reach at least Corporal, then you should quickly enter combat with enough NPCs/players to reach the required rank.

Once you are able to create vehicles, it is always recommended that you make at least two. This is especially important in the early stages of the battle when a lot of your fellow teammates will be unable to make their own vehicles. To do this, simply create one and park it outside the Workshop, then run inside to create your own. Since players can operate vehicles no matter what Rank they are, players who are still Recruit will be able to use the vehicle you just created.

The key to a successful onslaught is to keep on the pressure, and in a particular area. If you are only attacking their walls with one vehicle at a time, or attacking from all different angles, then the offensive team will simply shoot your vehicles down and wait for the next batch. This is why it is important to group up and attack together. Also, while attacking you will notice the guns on the side of the towers doing huge amounts of damage to your vehicles. These will need to be shot down as fast as possible, either with ranged DPS or vehicle guns.

Collecting RP-GG’s (Rocket-Propelled Goblin Grenade) from Goblin Workshops can also help a player. Once clicked, they can detect vehicles that are nearby and can be useful. In the heat of battle these can be severally overlooked.

Defensive Strategy


Much the same as the offensive team, you and your teammates will need to make vehicles, and fast! However, since the defensive team’s Workshops are contained within the Keep, there is not such a high need for battling for control over the two contested Workshops. Also, it might take a few minutes for the attackers to start making vehicles, so this time should be used for maximum effect. There is no excuse for not being able to make vehicles once the onslaught has began.

Also, as mentioned above, the guns that are spread all over the keep are to be used. They only require one player for each gun, and they are capable of doing huge amounts of damage when used correctly. Their damage is AoE based, so an accurate shot on a moving vehicle is not needed, but will help.

If it looks like the attackers are breaking through the Keep walls a little too fast, then it would be recommended to go on the attack. Join forces with a few others and attack their towers. This will not only reduce the power buffs the attackers have placed upon them, but if all three are destroyed then 10 minutes will be knocked off the time of the battle. In a battle only lasting 30 minutes, being able to knock off a third of the allocated time will place a huge amount of pressure on the offensive team, and will often result in a win for the defense.

However, if the Keep is unfortunately breached, there is still hope. Much like Arathi Basin, players have to click and channel this for a few seconds in order to capture the Keep. This means that breaking their attempt with damage is vitally important. Consider fears and AoEs if this does happen.


One of the main reasons why so many people choose to battle in Wintergrasp is because of the Dailies on offer. There are a wide range of quests, from simply winning the battle, to killing a certain amount of players and vehicles. They can be either picked up from within the Keep itself (if you are defending) or at the starting camp if you are attacking. Often players will share quests, so don’t worry if you think you may be missing a few.

These quests offer gold and Stone Keeper Shards, which can be exchanged for PVP gear or even a mammoth if you are willing to collect 300. Simply winning the battle also gives rewards, with players being given Wintergrasp Mark of Honors. One is given for being a Recruit, 2 for being a Corporal, and 3 marks are given for being a First Lieutenant. These can also be exchanged for PVP gear, so you and your team can continually win Wintergrasp Battles!


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