World of Warcraft Beginner PVP Guide – Warriors

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Warriors are a powerful PVP (Player versus Player) class with many PVP oriented abilities. They are able to hold their own and outright dominate some classes, especially if played right. Having the proper talent point spec has a great bearing on a Warriors ability to battle other classes in PVP.


Arms is the most popular Warrior Spec for all but hardcore tanking Warriors. Arms has a focus on two-handed weapons, and dealing massive amounts of damage with them. Mortal Strike, Second Wind, Improved Charge, Improved Overpower, Impale and Deep Wounds and Endless Rage as well as Anger Management are all extremely important talents. Once Warriors get Mortal Strike, Heroic Strike is replaced and shouldn’t be used again.

Fury Warriors are based on Dual-Wielding. Bloodthirst, Blood Surge, Titan’s Grip, Flurry, Death Wish and Enrage are all vital talents. Fury Warriors are able to do great burst damage with the ability to heal themselves for a bit of their health in battle. Titan’s Grip allows them to use high damage two-handed weapons in one hand, and greatly increases damage done.


One of the most important things for a Warrior to do in Duels is to get the initial Charge. This grants a good amount of starting Rage and a brief stun on the target. Some Warriors claim it’s unfair not to let them have this charge. Don’t expect people to let you have it. Warriors should stay far away when beginning the duel and make the enemy come in their range, allowing them to Charge without being cheap. For both Arms and Fury Warriors, all that’s left is staying right on top of the enemy and using as many cooldowns and damage abilities as possible before the enemy can stop them from attacking. Generally it doesn’t take long for the opponent to die, as Warriors have some of the most devastating melee attacks in the game.

World PVP

For Warriors in World PVP, it is almost preferable to have a lower level NPC (Non-Player Character) beating on them. Their high armor will keep them from doing any real damage, and their attacks will increase the Warriors Rage, allowing them to use more and more abilities. The downside is the lack of ability to use Charge.

Warriors attacking other players, occupied by NPCs or otherwise, don’t stand much of a chance. The Warrior will be able to deal a rather significant amount of damage and movement impairing effects, and recovery is difficult. Any attempts at escape will result in an Intercept and continued damage. Later in levels, any cloth characters that are attacked by Warriors at all are almost unable to recover at all.


In Battlegrounds, Warriors are the key point in pushing the opponent and also make for great flag carriers. In Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin, Warriors can accumulate a few healers and damage casters to keep with them and dominate enemies. Their high defense and damage, coupled with healers constantly healing them make for bad odds for anyone opposing them. When Warriors Charge, enemies scatter, to avoid getting battered by their intense attacks.

In Warsong Gulch, a Protection Warrior especially makes an excellent flag character. Their amazingly high defense, shield blocks, and spell reflects make them lumbering fortresses with flags. Healers, especially Paladins, can cast Blessing of Freedom on the Warrior and keep him healed while enemies try unsuccessfully to take him down.

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