World of Warcraft Beginner PVP Guide – Druids

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Druids are a powerful PVP (Player versus Player) class with many PVP oriented abilities. They are able to hold their own or dominate most classes, especially if played right. Having the proper talent point spec has a great bearing on a Druids ability to battle other classes in PVP.


The most powerful Druid PVP Spec is without a doubt the Feral spec. Feral Druids are able to choose Bear Form (Warrior) or Cat Form (Rogue). The form used differs depending on situation. For high defense enemies, Bear Form is best used, with higher strength and armor. For cloth and leather wearing enemies, Cat Form can produce the most burst damage and has the ability to stealth.

The Balance Spec is also capable of PVP. Balance Druids deal damage through spell damage, though are not able to deal near as much as Mages or Warlocks. To increase their effect, especially in PVP, Druids have Moonfire. Moonfire is an instant cast spell with no cooldown that deals DD (Direct Damage) and DoT (Damage over Time). Some Druids choose to simply run away and cast this spell over and over again on trailing targets. This strategy is looked down upon by other players, but is none-the-less effective.


Druids in Bear Form should start every duel with Feral Charge to generate Rage and immobilize the enemy. Cat Form Druids should initiate with Pounce to stun casters or light melee classes and begin dealing powerful damage attacks. Bear Form Druids should use Mangle as often as their Rage will allow it, as this is their most powerful and damaging attack. Likewise, when not behind the target, Cat Form Druids should use Mangle at every possible moment.

World PVP

In World PVP, Druids are among the best and have a number of advantages. Like Rogues, they are able to stealth, and like Hunters, they can Track Humanoids. This allows them to sneakily stalk and ambush enemy players with the enemies being none the wiser. Due to this, Druids are nine times out of ten able to attack first when in World PVP.

For Balance Druids, Entangling Roots and a devastating barrage of damage spells can route any unsuspecting enemy as easily as if they were NPCs. Faerie Fire can deny any Rogues from Vanishing and in turn stalking the Druid. In addition to this, if anything goes wrong for the Druid, they are able to escape situations with extreme ease due to their Shapeshifting, high movement speed and stealth abilities.


In battlegrounds, Druids can do any of a number of things, but like Priests, their most useful function is healing, unless in Warsong Gulch. Druids are more adept at healing than at dealing damage, and the damage they do won’t make as much of a difference as a dedicated healer. In Warsong Gulch, Druids are without a doubt the best class available for capturing a Flag. This is due to their ability to Shapeshift out of movement impairing effects, their increased movement speed while carrying the flag and their ability to heal themselves and keep themselves alive. They can also switch to Bear Form inside bases, dramatically increasing their health and armor and can get them the last stretch to the Flag room for the capture.

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