World of Warcraft Beginner PVP Guide – Paladins

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Paladins are a powerful PVP (Player versus Player) class with many PVP oriented abilities. They are able to hold their own and generally outlast other characters, especially if played right. Having the proper talent point spec has a great bearing on a Paladins ability to battle other classes in PVP.


Retribution is the only real plausible PVP Spec. While others are capable, the only one that can really pull it off and compete with the best of the best is Retribution. Protection is a Spec that’s only real use is tanking, and Holy has some damage, but healing is the only real purpose. Retribution is about doing damage.

Important talents to invest in are Seal of Command, Repentance, Crusader Strike, The Art of War and Divine Storm. Two-handed weapons are the only real plausible way to go for Retribution Paladins, as the majority of their damage and abilities are based directly on weapon damage. Melee damage coupled with tactical stunning and releasing seals is a huge part of being a good PVP Paladin.


Paladins are difficult adversaries in duels. With a seemingly limitless mana pool, strong damage abilities and plate armor, they are among the most powerful. Paladins treat player enemies much the same as non-player enemies. They can use Blessing of Freedom to keep movement impairing effects off of themselves and stay right on top of enemies with Hammer of Justice to keep melee up. When low on health, Paladins can use their Protection spells and heal their health to full and start the battle anew.

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The Paladins Blessing of Protection and Divine Protection spells allow the Paladin to survive through long and arduous battles that would kill most other classes. Paladins can also use their potent stun spell to let monsters kill opposing players, a dishonorable, yet plausible way to kill enemies. Their ability to heal for an almost indefinite amount of time is dissuading to most enemies, and Paladins are rarely attacked in PVP situations.


In Battlegrounds, Paladins make excellent healers, pushers and flag carriers. Paladins are one of the premier healers in World of Warcraft and can do a great deal of healing for a raid, and can often tilt the scale of a battle. These Paladins are nearly impervious to melee attacks and can heal themselves through all but the most powerful magical attacks.

In Alterac Valley especially, where factions form fronts to battle from, Retribution Paladins can plow their way in and begin decimating ranks of foes, especially with a healer on them. Their plate armor allows most melee classes to do little damage to them and most casters are focused on enemies across the fronts.

In Warsong Gulch, Paladins are able to use Blessing of Freedom, Pursuit of Justice and their plate armor and healing abilities to navigate their away across the field with almost no competition, especially at levels before mounts. With a few players assisting the Paladin, it’s nearly impossible to stop them in time to keep them from capturing the flag, leaving their only option to steal the Paladins factions flag. With good teamwork, a group will be waiting there to destroy any potential thieves.

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