World of Warcraft Beginner PVP Guide – Warlock

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Warlocks are a powerful PVP (Player versus Player) class with many PVP oriented abilities. They are able to hold their own and outright dominate most other classes if played right. Having the proper talent point spec has a great bearing on a Warlocks ability to battle other classes in PVP.


Of a Warlocks three possible Specs, only Affliction and Destruction are powerful for PVP. Demonology can be used, but it’s primarily a PVE (Player versus Environment) spec and the abilities are more tuned to fighting NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Affliction is an amazing PVP Spec. Nightfall is a powerful ability that gives your Corruption and Drain Life spells a 4% chance to cause your next Shadowbolt spell to be instant cast. Corruption and Drain Life are a Affliction Warlocks bread and butter, especially in early levels, and this just makes it better. Improved Howl of Terror is bar none the main reason to go Affliction for PVP. Improved Howl of Terror causes your Howl of Terror spell to become instant cast. Howl of Terror is an AoE (Area of Effect) fear spell. Fear, Death Coil and Howl of terror are all on different diminishing returns counters and make for two instant cast fears and one short cast time fear.

Destruction is a very viable PVP spec, but generally requires a large amount of spell damage to be very effective, and the amount needed isn’t generally acquired until the mid to later 60’s. Shadowburn is one of the most important Destruction PVP abilities and should be used every battle, several times if desperate and many soul stones are available. Immolate and immediate Conflagrate can generate a great deal of burst damage if used properly.


In duels, Warlocks can keep their opponent feared and loaded up with DoT (Damage over Time) spells and win most of their battles. When feared, Drain Life should be used both to deal damage and restore health to the Warlock, if and when any is taken. Kiting is a very reasonable tactic. Casting a large amount of DoT spells and simply running ahead of the enemy while their health gradually ticks down is often used and employed successfully. Standing still is never something that should be done, and instant and short cast spells are ideal to avoid Counterspells and interrupts.

World PVP

In World PVP, Warlocks are able to defeat all but players of significantly higher level. If the Warlock is able to get the jump on the enemy, a simple Fear will almost always cause them to run into a group of enemies that will in turn gang up and destroy the enemy. If in a wide open, empty place, dueling strategies can be applied to great success. If attacked in PVP, the Warlock should do everything possible to get the enemy feared. Control is key to a Warlocks victory. Death Coil is very usable in this situation, and an immediate fear follow-up can keep enemies away and dying rapidly.


Warlocks in Battlegrounds have a very easy way to rack up Killing Blows and damage. They can simply cast every DoT spell they have on every enemy they encounter. By simply doing this, they successfully weaken all of their enemies, helping their raid members to defeat them individually, and kill many of the lower health, lower level, or already damaged players. Every player killed makes a great deal of difference towards the success of the battleground. This also grants a large amount of honor and gives the Warlock a huge amount of Honorable Kills, and the honor they give.

In Alterac Mountains, higher level Warlocks can use Seed of Corruption in large groups of enemies to devastating effect. Casting a Seed of Corruption on every member of a large mass of enemies will cause them to go off on each other and kill many of them, as well as successfully push them back. Rain of Fire can also be used to push enemies back.

Rushing into a mass of enemies and using an instant Howl of Terror can scatter enemies and cause a huge advance by your own raid members. Used often and properly, a single Warlock can determine the outcome of the Battleground.

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