WoW Random Pet Add-On: A Fun, but not Always Useful Tool

What the WoW Random Pet Can Do For You


Players can choose from many add-ons to help them in World of Warcraft. Eventually someone came up with the idea of creating a bit of code that lets a player randomly summon a pet from his inventory. The add-on that lets players do this is called Random Pet.

Random Pet is not an add-on that will help a player get into raids or increase his combat effectiveness. All the add-on does is help players increase their status in the eyes of other players. After all, the more bizarre pets a character has, the more time and a player has put into the game.

Random Pet — Reminders to Summon a Pet

wow pet some odd bird

World of Warcraft pets disappear every time a player crosses zone boundaries. A player must have a character re-summon the pet every time he crosses a zone boundary. Most players skip this step as it an annoying nuisance. People who want a companion with them at all times can head to and download the Random pet add-on.

A person with the Curse client can automate the installation process for add-ons, but the Curse client download takes a long time. The client downloads updates to add-ons as soon as it is notified of their existence.

Installing add-ons manually requires the same process. Download the zip file and copy it into the interface directory. Decompress the zip file into a folder of the same name. Delete the downloaded zip file and start World of Warcraft. Players should make sure that the Random Pet add-on gets loaded into memory when they want to use it. Because these pieces of code use additional memory, players should disable Random Pet before a raid.

How Does Random Pet Work?

The WoW Random Pet -- the Zergling. Haven't I seen this guy in Starcraft?

Random Pet’s code assigns random values to each pet in a person’s data file. The program uses these randomly-generated numbers to determine which pet it summons for the user. A player can change the pet by accessing a button in the add-on’s interface. When a player crosses zone borders or enters an instance, the code reminds the player that he must summon a new pet.

The add-on does not summon the pet for him automatically. A user can still decide whether or not he wants to summon a pet from his inventory. Random Pet’s interface does not replace the pet summoning interface originally provided by Blizzard. A player can summon a pet of his choice at any time if he does not want to select a vanity pet randomly from the pet interface.

What Random Pet Cannot Do

Random Pet works only with the vanity pets. It does not work with the mounts that are also considered pets. A person must summon a specific mount on his own. The programmers may add this functionality in later patches. The only way to find out is by downloading the updates as soon as they come out.

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