World of Warcraft Feat of Strength and Collector's Edition Companion Vanity Pets

World of Warcraft Feat of Strength and Collector's Edition Companion Vanity Pets
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There are many in-game companion pets available to players through various means, including rare drops, faction rewards, and quest rewards. Some of the rarest, though, are only available through completion of some of World of Warcraft’s feats of strength.

These special pets are only available for a certain period of time or through some dedicated work on the player’s part. Check out all the pets available through feats of strength and how to acquire them below:

Baby Blizzard Bear

The Baby Blizzard Bear is one of the hardest pets on the list to obtain. This tiny polar bear cub was awarded to all players who logged in during the World of Warcraft fourth anniversary event on November 23rd, 2008. He is no longer available in game, so unless you’ve already got him or have access to a time machine, chances are you’re out of luck on this one.

Murkimus the Gladiator

The armored baby murloc Murkimus the Gladiator carries a tiny spear and shield. Another extremely rare pet, Murkimus was awarded to any player who participated in at least 200 3v3 matches in the qualifying rounds of the 2009 Arena tournament. Like the Baby Blizzard Bear, Murkimus is no longer available, so if you don’t already have him, chances of obtaining him are slim.

Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition is a small Chinese-style dragon that floats along behind the player. It is only available during the “Spirit of Competition” world event that takes place in even years and roughly coincides with the Olympic Games. Players have approximately 1 in 8 chance of receiving the pet in the mail after winning a PvP battleground.

Kirin Tor Familiar

The Kirin Tor Familiar is another very rare pet, though it is still available to players willing to put in the work it takes to acquire it. Players who complete WoW achievement “Higher Learning” (by finding and reading the tomes in Dalaran related to the eight schools of magic) will receive a tome that allows them to teleport to Archmage Vargoth in Dalaran. Players need only speak to him to receive the pet.



To earn Stinker, players need to complete the “Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart” achievement by acquiring 50 companion pets (check out the other sections of the World of Warcraft Pet Guide for help). After the 50th pet is obtained, players will receive a [Reeking Pet Carrier] in the mail. Stinker will be inside.

Little Fawn

Similar to Stinker, the Little Fawn is the reward for players who complete the “Lil’ Game Hunter” achievement by acquiring 75 companion pets. Upon collecting the 75th pet, a [Little Fawn’s Salt Lick] should appear in your mailbox.

Collector’s Edition Pets

There are some very rare pets that can only be obtained by those who have purchased the Collector’s Edition of either World of Warcraft or the two expansions. These rare pets are unavailable through any other means, and were recently made bind to account, so players can mail them between their various characters.

World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition Pets

Mini Diablo Pet

There are three companion pets that are only available to those who purchased the original World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition. The Mini Diablo is a tiny version of the antagonist in the game Diablo, also by Blizzard. He trails along behind the player, occasionally blasting out a geyser of flame.

It is worth noting that the Mini Diablo is the only pet in the game with a subtitle below his name. His full title is “Mini

Panda Cub Pet

Diablo .”

The Panda Cub is the second pet available only through the WoW Collector’s edition. He follows along behind the player, occasionally falling asleep and rushing back to your side when he awakes.

The third WoW CE pet, the Zergling, is a nod to the Starcraft series. This tiny version of the Zerg’s main infantry unit slightly resembles a smaller version of a Warlock’s Felhunter.

Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition Pet

Every character created on an account that has a Burning Crusade CE code registered will receive a [Netherwhelp’s Collar], allowing them to obtain the Netherwhelp pet. This tiny dragon is unobtainable through other means.

Desperate pet collectors can sometimes find Burning Crusade Collector’s Editions on Ebay, but they can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 dollars.

Wrath of the Lich King Collector’s Edition Pet

Zergling Pet

The WotLK Collector’s Edition Pet is Frosty, a baby frost wyrm similar to those found in Sindragosa’s Fall in Icecrown. All characters created on an account with a Wrath of the Lich King CE registration should receive one in the mail when they log into the game world.

These 11 pets are among the most rare and prestigious in all of World of Warcraft. Some, like the Baby Blizzard Bear and Murkimus the Gladiator, are no longer available, making them all the more desirable. Others, like the Kirin Tor Familiar, require a lot of work on the player’s part, but the effort required to obtain them makes it that much cooler to show them off.

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