The Top Most Useless Items Ever Found in World of Warcraft

The Top Most Useless Items Ever Found in World of Warcraft
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There have always been those items in World of Warcraft that appeared to serve no purpose, but stayed in the game anyways. In more recent incarnations of the game, items that are purely for vanity, or possible role-playing, have been added en masse. Among these are some that are just down-right irritating in addition to being completely useless. We’re going to look at my all-time “favorites” of the most annoying and/or useless items ever found in World of Warcraft.

Useless Items - And They’re Epic!

When thinking about this subject one of the first items that came to mind was an old drop in The Deadmines - the Gold Flecked Gloves. I remember getting giddy with glee on my Paladin when I saw these for the first time, after having played the game all of maybe a week and not understanding that I really shouldn’t be wearing cloth. The stats on them, at the time, were Intellect and Strength. Yes, Strength on cloth. Pure genius. Alas, some time during the Burning Crusade they went back and “updated” the lower level dungeon gear and now the Gold Flecked Gloves are actually useful to real clothies. I was fascinated to find out, though, that the epicly useless Molten Core drops I love to hate on are still around!

Thunderstrike, aka Vendorstrike or Nexustrike

This item is so famously bad that I never actually knew the real name, even when I was raiding Molten Core every week. If it dropped, the raid leader would yell “Vendorstrike!” and the whole raid would /roll 100. The lucky winner would receive and incredibly useless polearm that vendored for a shiny 9g. Alternatively, enchanters loved to refer to it as Nexustrike, because it would disenchant into an epic Nexus Crystal, giving it at least some use. What makes Thunderstrike so bad? First off, it has low DPS when compared to other items of its iLvl. Secondly, it has absolutely zero stats, just a really obscure and random proc. Thirdly, it is a polearm that is of no use to hunters because it requires use in melee combat. So who could use it? Warriors didn’t want it because there were so many better options. Occasionally a Paladin would pick it up for farming, but at the time there really weren’t any Retribution Paladins that raided - the class just wasn’t built well for it. You can still get Vendorstrike out of Molten Core, and it still vendors for 9 gold. Enjoy!

Essence of Pure Flame, aka Essence of Pure Fail, Essence of Pure Nexus

Arguably even more useless than Vendorstrike, the Essence of Pure Fail also drops out of Molten Core, but this time off of the final boss, Ragnaros. Yes, the same boss that drops tier two pants also drops one of the single most useless items in all the World…. of Warcraft. The only thing notable about the item is that it doesn’t rely on a “proc”, but rather deals a consistent 13 damage every time you’re struck in combat. There was a time when this damage scaled with the players spell damage bonus, but that was quickly nerfed into oblivion, making the Essence of Pure Flame one of the all-time most useless items in WoW.

Most Annoying Items

The Ultra-Annoying Toy Train Set claims more victims…

Toy Train Set

When asked what I feel is the most annoying item ever to appear in World of Warcraft, I don’t even have to think about it: the Toy Train Set. This little bugger is a “use” item that sets up a toy train set on the ground, and forces everyone in the vicinity to do the /Train emote, over, and over, and over, and over…… Imagine that set down in the middle of a 25-man raid, while you’re trying to prepare for a boss fight. It is the most. Annoying. Thing. Ever. What made it worse was prior to the introduction of the highly demanded Wind Up Train Wrecker, there was no way to get rid of the thing. You had to sit there and wait for it to finish before you could even move on. I’ve seen players kicked from raids and guilds just for dropping the Toy Train Set - It really is that annoying.

Wand of Holiday Cheer - Pre-"nerf****"

You may not think the Wand of Holiday Cheer is all that annoying, but if you’ve been playing for a long time there is a deep-seeded hatred for that dastardly thing that will never be overcome. This item is obtained from opening presents during the Winter Veil in-game event. These days, the wand is quite tame, only lasting for 10 days and has a long cooldown. Additionally, it doesn’t break effects like casting or channeling. But it used to. The original Wand of Holiday Cheer (more like Wand of Holiday Fury), had a short cooldown, indefinite lifespan, and would interrupt anything and everything, including but not limited to: Eating, Drinking, Casting, Channeling, and most importantly, capturing objectives in Battlegrounds. So, for those around for the times when winning a battleground during winter was all but impossible, it may fill the character with cheer, but it fills the player with pure, unadulterated rage.

Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.

The Party Grenade is an item obtained from the Drums of War set of the WoW TCG. On use, it causes players (and pets) in the vicinity to burst into dance. Also includes streamers and confetti. Maybe it is just a pet peeve of mine, but I can’t stand anything that causes my character to stop what they are doing and participate in a silly emote that wastes time, and worse, food or drink. I wouldn’t mind the Party Grenade if it simply gave me an option to participate in the dancing festivities, but no matter what you’re doing (like eating a food item that costs 5g/each) it will force you to stop and start dancing. Worse yet, you can’t cancel the effect by simply jumping or moving because it is a buff, and therefore requires you to right-click it off. Call me a “party pooper”, but I count this among the top three most annoying items in WoW.

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