Most Annoying or Useless World of Warcraft Items (Part 1)

Most Annoying or Useless World of Warcraft Items (Part 1)
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What is the Puprose of This Item?

Any World of Warcraft player has occasionally picked up an item that might not have any obvious use. Sometimes such an item can be quite useful if properly applied, but this is not always the case. A number of items are annoying, useless, or both. A complete list of useless and annoying items that have been released in the game is not possible, as there are many. A brief list of items that deserve special shame is possible and has been compiled here.

More items will be added to this list as the author or another player who wants to update him on a particularly useless item come across them.

Fish in Azeroth to Relax

Fishing has quite a number of useless items. This gathering trade skill is not useless in World of Warcraft, and it should be noted that many of the gray items caught sell back to a vendor for more than you can sell the fish you catch for. (The fish, however, can be used

Fishing for Rocks in the Howling Fjord

to shorten game downtime.) Perhaps the most insulting item added to annoy low level fishers is the rock. Perhpaps Blizzard will soon add a kite-eating tree for a spring time event to further enhance the players feeling like Charlie Brown from catching this item.

The rock does sell back to a vendor for one silver, as do the driftwood and tattered cloth. These items were added to allow a player to raise their fishing skills faster.The additional items are tattered cloth, driftwood, and the author’s personal favorite, message in a bottle.

The worst fishing item is held by the night crawler lure. A low level engineering item works twice as well as the nightcrawler lure and is inexpensive to make. The best use for the night crawler is to sell it to an engineer, so he can make you aquadynamic fish attractors.

The Leatherworking Armor Kits Introduced with the Burning Crusade

These items were not intended to be useless. In fact, they can be quite useful. The conditions under which they are useful have more to do with not having the money to pay a character with the enchanting trade skill to put a better or more useful buff on the armor slot where these items go. The bonuses the enchanting skill gives an item are usually better than the stamina or resistance bonus given by the armor kits.

If the enchanting and leatherworking bonuses stacked, these armor kits would be more useful to World of Warcraft players. As the enchantments and armor are currently implemented in the game, the enchantment slot on an item will always be more valuable.

Loot Drop Items

Some items leave the player to wonder if it was the intention of the designers to pull a prank on the players. It is not uncommon for games that have been around for a couple of years to contain inside jokes, such as Everquest’s “Abashi’s Rod of Disempowerment” which was also known as the Nerf bat. Items that fall into this category of World of Warcraft are somewhat rare, but there is a Burning Crusade Ear world drop item that makes one wonder what the intent of the programmers. Mobs in Kara and other instances throughout the outlands sometimes drop a two-handed mace known as “The Stoppable Force.” Because it is a gray item, it is clear that this item will be unloaded on the nearest unsuspecting vendor, but was it a hint of another item that was never implemented intended to drop from a raid boss?

One of the few blue items in the category of useless items also comes from a level 70 world drop that can be found throughout the Burning Crusade. As a bind on equip item, the bow can be sold to player looking for an upgrade, but it will soon be jettisoned in favor of a quest or loot item that is more powerful. (With the advent of Wrath of the Lich King and later expansions, there is no need to use this bow at all.) This bow which will be discarded as soon as possible goes by the alias of Velanos' Longbow. (That is the way it punctuatated in the game.)

The B.E.E.R. Goggles


Whether you get Belbi’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles or Blix’s Enhancing Romance Goggles depends on whether you are a horde or alliance player. The engineers who brought this product to Azeroth guarantees the wearer that the goggles will make everyone look attractive. Belbi’s goggles turn everyone into male gnomes (Belbi is a gnome female) and Blix’s goggles turn everyone into female orcs. (Blix is an orc male.)

The items are fun for a little while, but ultimately of very little use and will likely find their way into a bank slot, except when someone wants to take them out for fun. (Perhaps the player actually finds male gnomes or female orcs attractive for some reason, but this is not something the author wants to speculate about.)


Personal Experience

Screenshots are taken from World of Warcraft

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