New Ulduar Badge and Emblem Gear - Ulduar

New Ulduar Badge and Emblem Gear - Ulduar
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This article was originally published as a preview to the WoW 3.1 patch. It has been updated to be accurate as of patch 3.2.2.

An Explanation of Badge Gear

The new approach to badges (emblems) in Wrath of the Lich King is something new to us all. As more content is continually released, the gear you can purchase with emblems is upgraded, and in some cases the badges that drop in normal content, like heroic dungeons, is changed so as to grant access to this new gear.

What are we talking about by “badge” gear? In The Burning Crusade an item called a “Badge of Justice” was added to heroic boss loot tables. These badges acted as currency which could be used to purchase other items. Eventually, Badges were added to all raid boss loot tables and better and better items were made available to purchase using Badges. The problem was that a person farming Tier 4 content, like Karazhan, could get enough badges to buy Tier 5.5 equivalent gear with little effort.

In Wrath of the Lich King, the function of “badges” was changed. Now they’re called Emblems of XYZ, though the “badge” term still sticks. As of patch 3.0, Emblems of Heroism dropped off of all Heroic dungeon bosses as well as 10-Man raid bosses. These were used to purchase comparable level gear (iLvl 200) to what is found in those instances.

There was also a higher level badge, the Emblem of Valor. Emblems of Valor dropped in 25-Man raids, and are similarly used to purchase comparable level (iLvl 213) gear.

When patch 3.2 released, all emblems were changed over to the Emblems of Conquest - this means that a person could simply do heroic dungeons and use the emblems to purchase iLvl226 items. A new emblem was introduced, the Emblem of Triumph, which only drops in the highest end content and can be used to purchase iLvl232-245 items.

Badges in Ulduar

With the introduction of a newer, harder raid instance, Ulduar, in patch 3.1, a new rank of Badge was added. These, as discussed above, are called Emblems of Conquest, and as of patch 3.1 only dropped in the 25-man mode of Ulduar. Now, they are the lowest form of emblem available.

As always, higher emblems can be traded in for lower ones. The vendors for Heroism and Valor gear as still there, offering the same things, but most people will find that few of their offerings are worthwhile.

Emblem of Conquest Gear - Belts


Prior to the 3.1 WoW patch release all we knew about the items available for Emblems of Conquest was the classes and specs they were designed for. Now (circa 3.2.2) they all have names, but their purpose is still clear.

Girdle of Unyielding Trust - Paladin Healer Belt

Shieldwarder Girdle - Plate Tank Belt

Belt of the Singing Blade - Plate DPS Belt

Belt of the Ardent Marksman - Hunter Belt

Windchill Binding - Shaman Healer Belt

Belt of the Living Thicket - Druid Healer Belt

Belt of the Twilight Assassin - Rogue Belt

Sash of Potent Incantations - Caster Belt

Emblem of Conquest Gear - Pants


Legguards of the Peaceful Covenant - Paladin Healer Legs

Wyrmguard Legplates - Plate Tank Legs

Legplates of the Violent Champion - Plate DPS Legs

Leggings of the Weary Mystic - Shaman Healer Legs

Leggings of the Tireless Sentry - Hunter Legs

Wildstrider Legguards - Druid Healing Legs

Leggings of Wavering Shadow - Rogue Legs

Legwraps of the Master Conjurer - Cloth Caster Legs

Emblem of Conquest Gear - Hands


Gauntlets of Serene Blessing - Paladin Healer Gloves

Gauntlets of the Royal Watch - Plate Tank Gloves

Bladebreaker Gauntlets - Plate DPS Gloves

Gloves of Augury - Shaman Healer Gloves

Gloves of Unerring Aim - Hunter Gloves

Grips of the Secret Grove - Druid Caster Gloves

Gloves of the Blind Stalker - Rogue Gloves

Touch of the Occult - Cloth Caster Gloves

Emblem of Conquest Gear - Neck


Frozen Tear of Elune - Healer Necklace

Evoker’s Charm - Caster Necklace

Shard of the Crystal Forest - Tank Necklace

Broach of the Wailing Night - Melee/Agility Necklace

Spiked Battleguard Choker - Melee/Strength Necklace

Additional 3.2 Update

When patch 3.2 came, Runed Orbs (previously only available as drops in 25-man Ulduar) became available for purchase for 18 Emblems of Conquest each. These are used in sets of 6 to craft iLvl226 boots and belts.