What is Frostmourne? - Origins and Importance of Frostmourne in Warcraft Lore

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Arthas and Frostmourne

The introduction of Frostmourne into the hearts and lives of all World of Warcraft players began even before the popular MMORPG. In those days it was simply Warcraft 3 and through the campaigns of Arthas we watch him go from good to bad to badass. Muradin Bronzebeard actually was the one who originally sought after Frostmourne and Arthas only wanted it after learning about it from him. Both of them, of course, went to find this weapon that gave such great power. When they reached the location of the sword, The Guardian and other revenants were of course there to warn him, but then as most of us know, Arthas can be pretty stubborn and when he sets his sight on power nothing will stop him, not even Guardians. Muradin warned Arthas too after having read of the curse, but Arthas at that time was still bent on saving his homeland. So curse or no curse - the sword was his and his soul, the Lich King’s. This declaration set off a reaction that killed Muradin. Afterwards, Arthas went off to find Mal’Ganis, vanquishes the dreadlord and goes on his merry way.

Note that claiming the Frostmourne means that Arthas has now become a death knight. He converts to the Scourge, goes home, kills daddy and takes the throne.


It’s said that the Lich King created Frostmourne, but this is highly unlikely as sources (the official WotLK site) claim that the Frostmourne predates Ner’zhul and he could not have crafted it from within the Frozen Throne. This means that the origin of this blade remains a mystery and for now, it’s better to leave it at that.


Frostmourne has the power to life drain, and soul drain anyone it connects to. The Lich King manifests his power and uses the eyes of the wielder of the cursed blade to see outside the Frozen Throne. He’ll try to corrupt the wielder over time as it did with Arthas. The transformation will be a shift in align from good to evil until the wielder becomes undead, and, ultimately sucks his soul into the blade.

A Real Life Froustmourne?!

Yeah well… Not really.

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