Great Selling Items On The Auction House

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Vendor trash items

Most gray items, or vendor trash, won’t sell at all to other players. But, there are a few that will since they are used for quest items and for potions and such. Here is a small list of those that you can farm and sell on the AH for some good cash:

1.Small furry paws

2.Soft bushy tails

3.Torn bear pelts

4.Evil bat eyes

5.Vibrant plumes

6.Glowing scorpid blood

There are always others, but these are the ones that constantly go for good money on AH.

Finding Special Items on the AH

If you are seeking something special on the AH, or you are keeping a very close eye on prices, and you just don’t want to spend all your play-time standing by an auctioneer, searching; you can download another addon called “Bottom Scanner”. This is made by the same people who made the Auctioneer addon, and it will scan the AH every few minutes for new listings of certain items. Basically, you set the criteria for what you want searched out, and the addon will tell you when it’s on the AH. You can download this at

When To Place Your Bids

The best time to place your bids are on Tuesdays. Any avid WoW player knows that Blizzard does all of its updates and patches on Wednesday mornings, so if you place your bids late Tuesday night, and place the best bid, you’ll be pretty much assured to get the items. This way, no one can come along right at the end and undercut your bid.

How To List Items

Keep your stacks of items, and their prices, simple. Try to list items in even numbers, such as 10 or 20. Most people who are looking for mats will only purchase if the stack is in a number that they can actually use and not waste their money on. It’s also best if you round your prices off, don’t use copper amounts, and if you need to use silver, try to keep it an rounded off number. This will be easier for other players to divide in their heads and so on. Don’t ask why this works, but it does.

When you list your items on AH, make sure that you put a lower minimum bid with your buyout. While this sounds weird, it will get your items listed higher than other people’s items, and give you a better chance at selling.

No matter what you place your minimum bid at, you should ALWAYS place a buyout price. Most players want the item now, and will pay a bit more for a buyout than just a bid. So, don’t forget this important step when you’re listing an item on AH.

When you are listing an item, always check the “24 hour” bid box. Yes, you will spend a bit more money, but you are also keeping your item on a bit longer for more players to see. Some people are only on at certain times of the day (or night), and are looking for a specific item. So, while one item might not sell during the day, it might go like hotcakes at night. Always pay the extra cash to leave it on a bit longer.

Other Tips

If you have the money, and the price is right, buyout a certain item if there are only a few listed and sell them all at a higher price. For example, if you check the AH and there are only 3 stacks of wool cloth listed at 10 silver each, buy them all and then relist them for 20 silver each. This will make you more money quickly.

If there are a ton of the item you want to list and the prices are low, don’t list it. Just hold on to it until the prices level out and the competition is high. But, if there are a lot of the same items listed and the prices are high, list yours low and it will sell almost immediately!

If you find that you have large stacks of an item that is selling well in smaller stacks, break them down into those smaller stacks and sell away.

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