WoW Death Knight Flying Mount

WoW Death Knight Flying Mount
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Skeletal Mounts – An Introduction

Flying mounts were added to World of Warcraft when the Burning Crusade went live. Since then, players had the choice between gryphons and wyverns. Engineers could make flying machines; tailors could make flying carpets. Players would have to wait for the release of Wrath of the Lich King before a wider variety of flying mounts became available to players.

Death knights can get a skeletal mount to fly them through the skies, but what about the other player classes? The answer to this question is that other players need to wait.

Where To Buy the Death Knight Flying Mounts

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The only place where these mounts are sold is the flying castle in Eastern Plaguelands. A vendor on the top floor sells the higher level riding skills and the skeletal flier. Player character members of this class can buy these mounts without building up their standing with the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

All the former servants of the Lich King have to do to get one of these dead gryphons by handing over enough of their hard-earned gold. The character must have the necessary skills before he or she can use this mount.

Death Knight Flying Mounts for Other Classes

dranei on a death knight flying mount

Other players are not so lucky that they can get these mounts yet. Although the Archerus Citadel in Eastern Plaguelands requires a person to have the WotLK expansion installed, players can still not use flying mounts. Hope springs looms for people who want the death knight flying mounts and who are not death of the new features announced in Cataclysm was the ability to use flying mounts in the Old World zones.

As long-term players know, they can earn mounts that are tied to a specific faction. The standing required to get a mount tied to a specific faction is usually exalted. Gnomes who ride around on tigers, or humans who ride around mechanical chickens have earned enough status to buy the mounts from the capital city faction vendors.

For now, a person trying to get a death knight flying mount should work on improving his faction with the Knights of the Ebon blade. He can use the tabard, the commendations, and the daily quests to do so. If he wants a taste of what riding one will be like, one of the daily quest NPCs in Icecrown hands out a temporary death knight flying mount for a daily quest.

Death Knight Flying Mounts After Cataclysm is Released

When Cataclysm is released, it may become possible for players of other classes to reach the flying citadel. Most likely, players will have to purchase the skill from a flying trainer. Details on how much this new skill might cost are not available to players yet. Costs of the old world flying skill have not been released, but. Blizzard developers have established the pattern of using the flying skill as a money sink

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