Guide to Increasing Reputation With Horde Factions in World of Warcraft: Quartermaster Locations

Guide to Increasing Reputation With Horde Factions in World of Warcraft: Quartermaster Locations
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Back in the golden days of Vanilla WoW, seeing a character of one race riding the mount of another race was a rare occurrence. Gaining access to another race’s mount vendor usually meant a long process of quest griding and item turn ins that few players every accomplished.

Since World of Warcraft:Cataclysm, this process has become much easier. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see a level 40 Goblin riding around on a Timber Wolf or a 50ish Orc riding high on a Raptor.

The addition of capital city quartermasters and their respective tabards has opened up a wealth of mount possibilities for characters of every Horde race. Now you can get that Goblin trike you’ve always wanted simply by throwing on a tabard and hitting up the Dungeon Finder.

Horde Capital City Quartermaster Locations

The key to getting a capital city mount vendor to do business with you is to first become exalted with their respective faction. There is more than one way to do this (you should gain some reputation while questing, but the city that you improve your standing with depends on where you’re questing, so it’s kind of hit or miss), but by far the easiest and most consistent way to work on capital city rep is to buy and equip a tabard.

Each faction has its own quartermaster, and you’ll typically find these vendor near the flight master in each capital city. Horde faction quartermasters can be found in the following locations:

  • Darkspear, Orgrimmar, and Bilgewater Cartel Quartermasters in Orgrimmar

    Stoneguard Nargol, the Orgrimmar Quartermaster, is found in-between the zeppelin towers on the bluff at the center of the city of Orgrimmar.

  • Champion Uru’zin, the Darkspear Tribe Quartermaster, is found right next to Stoneguard Nargol in Orgrimmar, right next to the Flight Master.

  • Frizzo Villamar, the Bilgewater Cartel Quartermaster, is also hanging out with Nargol in Orgrimmar.

  • Captain Donald Adams, the Undercity Quartermaster, can be found in the central area of Undercity, right next to the Flight Master.

  • Brave Tuho, the Thunder Bluff Quartermaster, is in Thunder Bluff atop the central tower, right next to the Flight Master.

  • The final Horde Quartermaster, Magistrix Nizara the Silvermoon Quartermaster, is found just south of the city of Silvermoon, along the wall and (you guessed it) right next to the Flight Master.

Gaining Capital City Reputation

Use the Dungeon Finder to earn capital city reputation

Once you’ve purchased and equipped your desired faction’s tabard, it’s time to hit up the Dungeon Finder and start running some instances. You’ll get a small amount of faction points for each trash mob you and your group kill and a much larger faction point reward for each boss you take down.

It can take awhile to increase your reputation this way, but you’ll also be gaining experience and gear along the way, so it’s really a win-win situation (especially if you’re running random dungeons, as you’ll receive a random blue item in the [Satchel of Helpful Goods] you earn each time). Quest givers are now found inside most dungeons, as well, so there are some pretty epic experience and gear rewards to be had by running randoms. It’s also the fastest way of gaining access to that Kodo, Wolf, Hawkstrider, Trike, Skeletal Horse, or Raptor you’ve been waiting for.

Horde Mount Vendor Locations

Once you’ve reached exalted with your desired faction, all that’s left is to head out and purchase your new mount. You can do so at the following locations:

  • Skeletal Horse Mount sold in Brill

    Purchase Raptor mounts from Zjolnir the Raptor Handler in Sen’jin Village.

  • Buy your Goblin Trike from Kall Worthaton in the Goblin Slums of Orgrimmar.

  • Get your Wolf mount from Ogunaro Wolfrunner the Kennel Master in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Honor.

  • Looking to get a Skeletal Horse? Look no further than Zachariah Post the Undead Horse Merchant in Brill.

  • Harb Klawhoof in Bloodhoof Village is the guy to speak to if it’s a Riding Kodo you’re after.

  • Finally, if for some reason you feel the need to buy a Hawkstrider, you’ll want to seek out Winaestra the Hawkstrider Breeder. Follow the path to the left as you exit Silvermoon City.

Now that the Cataclysm has passed, members of the horde in World of Warcraft should now find it easier than ever to mount up on one of the other racial factions’ preferred rides. Simply follow our guide, pick up and equip a player faction’s tabard, and work your way up to exalted. Once you’re there, use our guide to find the Horde mount vendor you’re searching for as quickly as possible. You’ll be riding in style in no time.

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