WoW Cold Weather Flying - World of Warcraft: How to Fly in Northrend

WoW Cold Weather Flying - World of Warcraft: How to Fly in Northrend
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Upon first arriving on the cold shores of Northrend, you will discover that the flying mount you first purchased in Outland isn’t useable. As you look out at the vast scape of the zones you’ll have to travel through, or up at the floating citadel of Dalaran, you may begin to wish that you had your wings back.

WoW Cold Weather Flying

Flying in Northrend requires Cold Weather Flying, a special riding skill taught only in Northrend. Unlike other riding skills, Cold Weather Flying does not grant access to faster mounts - it only allows you to fly in Northrend.

If this is your first time to Northrend, you can learn Cold Weather Flying at level 77 for 1000 gold. There are three trainers in Northrend, all of whom are available for both Horde and Alliance.

Hira Snowdawn: Located in Dalaran on Krasus' Landing, near the Flight Master. Hira can train all levels of riding in addition to Cold Weather Flying, and can also sell the Tome of Cold Weather Flying (see next page).

Pilot Vic: Located at the River’s Heart in Sholazar Basin, in the small camp there. Like Hira, Pilot Vic can train all levels of riding.

Roxi Ramrocket: At the goblin town K3 in Storm Peaks, Roxi also teaches all levels of riding.

None of the three trainers belong to a faction, so it is impossible get a faction discount on your riding skill.

What if I can’t afford Cold Weather Flying?

Honest Max

As you’re questing in Northrend, you will find that some quests can only be completed by having a flying mount. Some areas in Storm Peaks, Sholazar Basin, and Icecrown can only be reached by flight.

This doesn’t mean that you have to forgo questing once you reach these areas until you earn your thousand gold for Cold Weather Flying, however. Instead, visit “Honest” Max in the goblin town K3 in Storm Peaks. If you have not yet trained Cold Weather Flying, but do have the Artisan Riding (basic flying) skill, he will give you Loaned Gryphon Reins (Alliance) or Loaned Wind Rider Reins (Horde).

Unlike other mounts, these reins will not cause you to learn a mount in your companions tab. Instead, the loaned reins will remain in your backpack. These reins can only be used in Storm Peaks, Sholazar Basin, and Icecrown - other parts of Northrend are off-limits for these flying mounts. They are only intended to help players quest in areas they could not otherwise reach.

Tome of Cold Weather Flight

Tome of Cold Weather Flight

If you have a character who is level 80 and has already purchased Cold Weather Flying, but are bringing a new character into Northrend, you no longer have to wait until level 77 to enjoy flying in Northrend.

Take your level 80 to Hira Snowdawn in Dalaran, and ask to see what she sells. Hira offers an heirloom item called Tome of Cold Weather Flight. Like Cold Weather Flying, the Tome also costs 1,000 gold, and will teach a character Cold Weather Flying as soon as level 68. You will not get a faction discount on this item.

The Tome is Bind On Account, so you can only send it to your own characters. You can send it cross-faction (Alliance to Horde and vice versa), but you cannot send it to a character on another server.

The Tome is very useful for leveling alts, as it allows characters to fly in Northrend as soon as they arrive, significantly reducing travel time!

No-Fly Zones: Dalaran

Like Outland, most areas in Northrend are completely free to fly in. However, there are a few no-fly zones that players should be aware of. The first is Dalaran.

Players may use their flying mounts on Krasus' Landing in Dalaran, by the Flight Master, for take-off and arrival. However, players

Flying Over The Dalaran Well

may not use flying mounts inside the city itself, even grounded. If flying too close above Dalaran, or running inside on a flying mount, players will receive a debuff. This debuff lasts 10 seconds. At the end of these ten seconds, players will automatically be dismounted from their flying mount and, if flying, will receive a parachute to take them safely to the ground.

There are many tricks to be had with flying into Dalaran, however. The well on the north side of Dalaran, by the barber shop, is not considered a no-fly zone and can be flown above and even landed on without the debuff applying. High up areas, like the top of the spires of the Violet Citadel and the Purple Parlor, can also be reached safely with a flying mount (although some areas will not let you remount your flyer, so be careful). Players may also use their flying mounts to enter the opposing faction’s private area (although a close encounter with a guard will still expel you).

No-Fly Zones: Wintergrasp

Wintergrasp Map

When the battle is raging in Wintergrasp, players are not allowed to fly into the zone. Instead, they will be alerted if they would like to join the battle (if they have not already queued for Wintergrasp). If a player chooses not to join the battle, they will be teleported out of Wintergrasp.

If a player chooses to stay in Wintergrasp for the battle, they will be given a short debuff similar to the debuff in Dalaran, and then automatically dismounted and parachuted to the ground after the timer is up. Once landed in Wintergrasp, a player cannot mount their flying mounts until the battle is over and a winner is declared.

Because the flight restriction only takes place until after the battle begins, many players use flight to their advantage to land in strategic locations to attempt to give themselves an edge in battle. Popular locations are the towers and guns of the Wintergrasp Fortress, the workshops, and the enemy’s base camp.