WoW Argent Tournament mounts and achievements

WoW Argent Tournament mounts and achievements
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Faction Mounts from Argent Tournament

Each faction you champion offers two mount selections, purchasable with Champion’s Seals. One costs a sum of gold plus 5 seals, while the other will cost a substantial amount of seals alone. Additionally, becoming exalted with the Tournament-specific factions (Sunreavers for Horde, Silver Covenant for the Alliance) gives you access to one epic ground and one epic flying mount, both purchasable with Champion’s Seals

  • Undead - White Skeletal Warhorse, Forsaken Warhorse

  • Troll - Swift Purple Raptor, Darkspear Raptor

  • Orc - Swift Burgundy Wolf, Orgrimmar Wolf

  • Blood Elf - Swift Red Hawkstrider, Silvermoon Hawkstrider

  • Tauren - Great Golden Kodo, Thunder Bluff Kodo

  • Sunreavers - Sunreaver Dragonhawk, Sunreaver Hawkstrider

  • Human - Swift Gray Steed, Stormwind Steed

  • Gnome - Turbostrider, Gnomeregan Mechanostrider

  • Dwarf - Swift Violet Ram, Ironforge Ram

  • Draenei - Great Red Elekk, Exodar Elekk

  • Night Elf - Swift Moonsaber, Darnassian Nightsaber

  • Silver Covenant - Quel’dorei Steed, Silver Covenant Hippogryph

Finally, achieving exalted status with all 5 of the home faction races and the aligned factions in Northrend gives you access to Dame Evniki Kapsalis of the Argent Crusade. Among other items, Dame Evniki sells the following for 100 Champion’s Seals each:

  • Argent Charger
  • Argent Warhorse

Other Faction Mounts

White Bear

The Alliance have long had a special Winterspring Frostsaber mount available to them upon reaching exalted status with the Wintersaber Trainer’s faction. More recently, the Horde acquired the opportunity to quest their way to a Venomhide Ravasaur mount.

Gaining exalted status with the following Burning Crusade factions gives you the ability to purchase mounts from them. Doing this rep grind at 80 is a relative breeze, and should help you to populate your stable.

  • Sha’tari Skyguard: Nether Ray flying mounts (Purple, Green, Blue, Silver, Red)
  • Netherwing: Drake flying mounts (Onyx, Veridian, Azure, Purple, Violet, Cobalt)
  • Mag’har / Kurenei War and Riding Talbuks (Both come in Cobalt, Tan, Silver, White)
  • Cenarion Expedition War Hippogryph flying mount

New factions with mounts in the Wrath expansion include

  • Sons of Hodir: Ice Mammoth and Grand Ice Mammoth
  • Oracles: Green Proto-Drake (Chance to hatch from Mysterious Egg)
  • Hyldnir: White Polar Bear. Not really a faction, but completion of the Storm Peaks quest chain involving the Brusthonin town gives you one daily quest from Gretta the Arbiter. Her bag of spoils may very well include this riding bear.

Purchasable Mounts


Mei Francis, the “Exotic Mounts” vendor in Dalaran, sells the following:

  • Armored Blue Wind Rider (Horde only)
  • Armored Snowy Gryphon (Alliance only)
  • Reins of the Armored Brown Bear
  • Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth
  • Reins of the Wooly Mammoth

Those purchasable with gold may have faction discounts applied, but the Wooly Mammoths can only be had for 200 Emblems of Heroism.

The Swift Zhevra: Purchasable with actual money, since this mount is awarded to players who use the “Recruit a Friend” promotion.

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