WoW Faction Mounts and Achievements

WoW Faction Mounts and Achievements
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Horde / Alliance Faction Ground Mounts

Each race is able to purchase the level 75 riding skill mounts of their own race once they have gained experience level 20. Upon gaining level 40, characters may purchase riding skill 150 and the ‘epic’ ground mounts of their home race. At level 60, characters can buy 225 riding skill and the base faction flying mounts, and upon achieving level 70, riding skill can be upgraded to 300 where the ‘epic’ faction flying mounts are available.

If a character manages to gain an Exalted reputation with another races within his faction, he will be able to purchase the racial mounts from that city, as well. For instance, if an Undead character gains Exalted rep with Orgrimmar, he will be able to purchase all of the skeletal horses and wolves.


  • Troll / Raptors: Base (Emerald, Violet, Turquoise) Epic (Swift Blue, Swift Orange, Swift Olive)
  • Orc / Wolves: Base (Black, Brown, Dire, Timber) Epic (Swift Brown, Swift Gray, Swift Timber)
  • Undead / Skeletal Horses / Warhorses: Base (Black, Blue, Brown, Red) Epic (Green, Ochre, Purple)
  • Blood Elf / Hawkstriders: Base (Black, Blue, Purple, Red) Epic (Swift Green, Swift Pink, Swift Purple)
  • Tauren / Kodos: Base (Brown, Gray, White) Epic (Great Brown, Great Gray, Great White)


  • Night Elf / Sabor Cats: Base (Spotted Frost, Striped Dawn, Striped Frost, Striped Night) Epic (Swift Frost, Swift Mist, Swift Storm)
  • Human / Horses: Base (Brown, Chestnut, Pinto) Epic (Swift Brown, Swift Palomino, Swift White)
  • Gnome / Mechostriders: Base (Blue, Green, Red, Unpainted) Epic (Swift Green, Swift White, Swift Yellow)
  • Dwarf / Rams: Base (Brown, Gray, White) Epic (Swift Brown, Swift Gray, Swift White)
  • Draenei / Elekks: Base (Brown, Gray, Purple) Epic (Great Blue, Great Green, Great Purple)

Horde / Alliance Flying Mounts

Bronze Drake

Now purchasable at level 60 from either Thrallmar or Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula, wind riders and gryphons make Outland questing a literal breeze. Although you can buy these mounts from other places like Dalaran, Sholazar Basin, and Shadowmoon Valley, the reputation discounts apply from either Thrallmar or Honor Hold, and the other vendors are unfortunately not associated with any reputation-based faction.

  • Horde Wind Riders: Base (Blue, Green, Tawny) Epic (Swift Green, Swift Purple, Swift Red, Swift Yellow)
  • Alliance Gryphons: Base (Ebon, Golden, Snowy) Epic (Swift Blue, Swift Green, Swift Purple, Swift Red)

Class-Specific Mounts


The Paladin, Warlock, and Death Knight classes all have quest chains that lead to a class-specific mount. The DK’s ground mount is at epic speed, and to compensate, they also have a class-specific flying mount. The flying mount adjusts its speed to the DK’s riding skill, meaning that it upgrades upon the lvl 300 flying purchase to an ‘epic’ flyer.

  • Paladin Charger
  • Warlock Dreadsteed
  • Death Knight Death Charger and Winged Steed

Neither Druid flight-form counts as a mount for the purposes of the achievements, unfortunately.

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