Guide to World of Warcraft Mounts: PvP Mounts Available to Alliance Players

Guide to World of Warcraft Mounts: PvP Mounts Available to Alliance Players
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The second part of our guide to World of Warcraft mounts covers all the mounts available through PvP Battlegrounds and world PvP to members of the Alliance faction. Most require players to participate in numerous battleground skirmishes.

World of Warcraft Battleground Mount Rewards

Unlike the standard faction mounts, players do not need to be exalted with a certain faction to be able to purchase a PvP mount of that faction. For example, if your Night Elf warrior has a strong desire to ride into battle on a Battlestrider but lacks the patience to grind to exalted with Gnomeregan, he can simply obtain the necessary marks of honor to purchase the Black Battlestrider.

All of the battleground mounts are purchased from Lieutenant Karter, found in the Champion’s Hall in Stormwind, with one exception. The Stormpike Battle Charger must be purchased from the Stormpike quartermaster in Hillsbrad.

The Black War Steed is the PvP version of the Human epic mount. It can be purchased with 30 marks of honor each from Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, and Warsong Gulch.

The Black War Tiger is the PvP version of the Night Elf epic mount. It also costs 30 marks of honor from the three original battlegrounds to purchase.

The Black War Ram is the PvP version of the Dwarven epic mount. Like the Black War Steed and Black War Tiger, it also costs 30 marks of honor from AV, AB, and WSG.

Stormpike Battle Charger

Finally, the Black Battlestrider can be purchased from Lieutenant Karter for 90 total marks of honor, 30 from each of the three original battlegrounds.

The final battleground mount available to Alliance characters is the Stormpike Battle Charger. To purchase this mount, players must first earn 50 Alterac Valley marks of honor, and then turn them in to Thanthaldis Snowgleam in northern Hillsbrad.

World PvP Mounts

Dark Riding Talbuk

There are two mounts available to players of either faction for participation in the battle for Halaa in Nagrand. Alliance players can turn in 70 Halaa Battle Tokens and 15 Halaa Research Tokens to an NPC named Aldraan to purchase a Dark Riding Talbuk. To purchase a Dark War Talbuk, players need to earn 100 Halaa Battle Tokens and 20 Halaa Research Tokens and turn them into Aldraan.

Aldraan only appears when the Alliance is in control of Halaa, so don’t expect to pick up your new Talbuk when the Horde have captured it.

For those who prefer to spend their time in Wintergrasp (or collecting shards off of bosses while their faction is in control of Wintergrasp) there is the Black War Mammoth. For 300 Stone Keeper’s Shards, Alliance players can purchase this massive mount from an NPC named Knight Dameron, located inside Wintergrasp fortress atop a mammoth of his own.

Like Halaa, your faction must be in control of Wintergrasp before Knight Dameron will appear. As if you needed another incentive to get out there and help your side capture the fortress.

Grand Black War Mammoth

It’s not strictly a PvP mount, but the Grand Black War Mammoth bears a mention in the context of this article as well. This three-person mammoth drops off of both of the bosses found in the Vault of Archavon. Unfortunately, you can only enter VoA when your faction is in control of Wintergrasp. So, while the Grand Black War Mammoth is not strictly a PvP reward mount, its acquisition is tied to control of a PvP zone.

One side note about the Grand Black War Mammoth, apparently master looters often ninja the mount if it drops, so be careful who you include in your WoW raid.

That’s it for the Alliance PvP mounts in World of Warcraft. Be sure to check out the other sections of the guide for info on mounts that are earned through the achievement system and more.

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